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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by luv2mow, Nov 1, 2006.

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    i am wanting to put a putting green in my lawn. this is a low lying area so i have 20 tons of ag lime to put down and firm as a begining base. from this point on i need some advice. what next? where to buy putting surface material, etc... any suggestions are appreciated.
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    you might want to build one synthetic because you really don't want to know what it is going to cost to maintain for a year. That;s just the beginning.
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    Go to usga.org and look type in putting green construction.
    Then you will also realize it may be unrealistic to maintain. Do you know the type of equipment needed to just mow the green. Why doy ou think driving ranges are no longer maintaining real grass putting greens?

    Take it from a past golf course superintendent, it is more expensive than you think. There are chemicals needed you may or may not be able to legally apply. Your specialized mower that can handle mowing heights of under 1/4".

    I dont want to discourage you from doing it, if I had the money I would do it myself but seriously look into the construction methods and materials first.

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