Putting leaves in a pickup bed?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. Doogiegh

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    Ok, so leaf season will be starting in a few weeks.

    I'm currently using a Dodge ram pickup truck to pull a small 4 foot by 8 foot trailer which can hold my 32" Exmark and a 21" when needed just fine. When I use the 4 by 8, my trimmer and blower and any other tools are in the pickup bed.

    I also have a 16*7 foot trailer that I'm fixing up. It would be fine to use right now to pull around the 32 and 21 since space is plenty. For the 32" exmark, I'm looking at picking up a trac vac system so that I can do leaves easier.

    Doesn't make a difference if the leaves are bagged, mulched then bagged, or trac-vac'd, I will be carting away some leaves.

    Obviously the 16*7 trailer is HUGE to be pulling around only 2 small mowers.. But for leaves, sounds like it would work out real real nice. Here's the question:

    Would you put a leaf box a) Only in the back of the pickup truck, and make the sides 8" tall as a box so you can put all the leaves in the truck, or b) Make a box on the 16*7 trailer of some sort * AND* if you do that, do you put the box on the front of the trailer or the back and if the back, how do you get the mower out after the leaves are back there?

    Here's a pic of my setup with the big trailer right now, just for kicks:

  2. Green Pastures

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    I'm looking into getting a dump bed that fits in the bed of my truck. Last lear I had a tough time mowing and raking all day and then having to go to the dump at the end of the day and shovel a ton of leaves out of the bed. Believe me they get packed into every nook and cranny and are a pain in the butt to get out. I tried lining the bed with a tarp.....WOW even worse, it gets locked in behind the wheel wells, and you still end up shoveling.

    I'd watch guy's pull up, stay in the cab, with the heat running, hit a button and the whole load dumps out :cry: , I'm there for a half an hour freezing with dusty snot running out my nose.

    A good hydraulic dump bed is about $2K, and in the long run worth every cent. You can deliver firewood in the off season, dirt, gravel for driveways, mulch.......


  3. gene gls

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    green pastures,

    You can get a flat bed body and hoist for less than $2000.00 and be able to haul a bigger load. The insert weight will equal most of your allowed load weight. Check out truck body shop and save your self some agervation in the long run.

  4. gogetter

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    Doogiegh, I'd look into finding someone local that has a leaf loader and sub them to pick up the leaves that you put at the curb.

    I did this last year and it worked out nicely. Loading and unloading leaves on the trailer was such a pain! I found a guy in the paper and he would come by and suck them up for me once I had them at the curb.
  5. Mow&Snow

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    I'm wondering how much you pay for that service....
  6. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
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    It depended on the amount of leaves (not size of lawn).
    Average was $40.
    When I consider the amount of time it would have taken me to get them on the trailer, tarp them down, drive to dumping facility and unload, it was well worth it to me.
    My trailer is small (5'x10') and some lawns would have taken me 2 trips! True I can charge the customer hourly for all this time, but then I would run the risk that some would not have me do the leaf removal because of high price. Plus loading and unloading just plain s****d and I didn't like doing it.

    I hope to get my own leaf vac some year soon!
  7. wxmn6

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    How about the Load Handler. It is something that you mount on the tailgate and crank it to pull the liner to unload the materials on it. Cost under $90 from Northern Tools. I have no experience with this product but would like to know how well it work.
  8. Earthscapes

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    from WNY
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    I have a loadhandler. They are about $160 for the good metal bracket ones. I have to say for the price they are awesome. Mainly use it for grass clippings. I have had the truck loaded over the roof with grass and the thing worked with no problems.
  9. Mow&Snow

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    $40.00?? Times 3 jobs in a day, $120.00,,,OH MY GOD!!!! that adds up to $600.00 A WEEK!!!!
    Seriously man, I'm not sure thats worth it. Thats alot of money it seems to me.
  10. KLMlawn

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    By looking at your rig, it appears that your bed is a 6' as oppesed to an 8 ' bed. Alas, you probably will NOT be able to find a "dump body insert" to fit into that truck.
    If it is in fact an 8' bed ... my suggestion would be to make the invetment of about $2000 and get an insert ... it was the best $2000 I ever spent !!!!!!!!:D :D :D

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