putting lights on kawasaki powered walkbehind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnworker, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. lawnworker

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    Hey, I have two walkbehinds with kawi engines fb460v (12.5) and fc420v (14) horsepower. These are pull start engines with no batteries. Can lights be powered by these engines? I would like to add lights if possible. I know the engines have magnitos, but do they have a 12 volt tap. Any experts out there.
  2. plowboy81

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    No you can't. The magnita only supplies enough power to make a spark. Really, the only option you have is to buy a small deep cycle marine battery and somehow mount it on your mower and just charge it every time it goes dead. The deep cycle marine will hold a long charge and will not be damaged by charging all of the time because they are made to run trolling motors on boats. Another option is to get a flashlight from a cordless drill set and mount it and then just charge the battery every night. You can buy them and they come with two batteries. I have a Makita and it will last about 4 hours and is extremely bright, 3 times brighter than a big Maglite. Hope to have helped.
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    That is what I did. I have the FC420V 14hp and there is no alternator on it so I used a L&G battery and rigged up two of the $10 lights from walmart on it. Had to make a few brackets and wire it up. Battery like this around $20-30 and will last you the rest of the night with these two batteries. You would probably want to mount the lights back and higher alittle bit if possible but this was easiest and it works fine. Shows light around front and sides. Fully adjustable. Works fine.

  4. Andrews Lawn

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    You might be able to run lights off of the engine. Does your mower have an electric clutch? If it does, that means there is an alternator on the engine so you might be able to splice into the power wire going into the electric clutch and it might be able to have enough power to power the lights and clutch. But that is a lot of if's and might's so who knows.
  5. Kent Lawns

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    I've wired lights to Kaw with electric clutch.

    They do not have a voltage regulator and the lights are not always consistantly bright. Also when you disengage the clutch, the engine revs and might put too much voltage to the bulb.
  6. Scag48

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    I do alot of mountain biking so I have an idea. You can buy headlights that are relatively small and are battery powered that last for about 4 Hrs they say. Try this one

    http://www.solarc.net/docs/bikefaqs.html That's the brand, supposedly supposed to be 300% brighter than halogen

    I can't find a website that sells them, but they're about $100. They look super bright from the pic on their website. Check a bike shop and they should be able to order one for you, or you could get a cheaper brand and get 2, that would work as well. Good luck!

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