putting stacks on my dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JML, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. JML

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    I want to put a stack (exhaust) on my superduty diesel masons dump. does anyone know where on the web i would be able to order one? I was in PA the other day, and some guy had one on his dump, boy did it sound mean.. thanks

  2. CT18fireman

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    I don't know if it could be ordered. Probably could be built up using parts thought. Go to a truck supplier and look for the smallest stacks the sell and then the rest is just custom bending to meet up with the stock exhaust.
  3. 75

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    CT18's got it right - most of the stack setups you'll see on the smaller trucks are custom installations. I think 4" or 5" pipe would work well for your dump and look "right", truck supplier or heavy truck repair shop are the right places to ask.

    The top portion of most big rig stacks (on trucks with the muffler mounted beside the cab anyway) is a separate piece and is available in different lengths. Two of these would probably work well for your actual stacks, then you'll just have to figure out which other fittings (elbows etc) are needed. You'll probably also need to fab up brackets to bolt the stacks to - on my '75 GMC I bolted them to the headache rack.

    I took the custom idea a bit further when I put the stacks on my '75 - built my own out of stainless tube and then had a muffler shop plumb 'em in. (Always knew working in the welding trade would come in handy for something............. ;) )
  4. Mgardner

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    Its` probrably 3" coming from the turbo, so being it`s a dump go right up the side (passenger) and I wouldn`t use duals ,I think it would sound the best sraight through and use adapter from 3" to 3.5" . Then at the top of it use a turn-out pipe (3.5") you can buy all that hardware from a heavy truck brake parts and assesories place. I did mine on my Dodge for 165.00 and it sounds good. With a v-8 I don`t know how that`l sound.
  5. landscaper3

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    Run a single if you want stacks, you will loose h/p and LBS by running dual pipes. Yes we are familar with this cause we had our trucks dynoed and they told us run a Banks or Other free flow exhuast systems. And they dont just tell you this to buy there product they dyno over 200 trucks a year and single has the greatest gain on rear wheel hp and tourqe!!!!
  6. Bunton Guy

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    I have a 01 PSD 350...I have been thinking of doing the same. I know JC Whitney sells stacks. I have a buddy that has a f-350 flat bed dump...and he has duel chrome stacks...its a sweet settup and they looked great chrome all the way up you cant even see the L pipe. They were really deep throughty sounding and it was kinda loud because the pipes are right behind your head. I dont remember were he got them maybe I can ask him wife...(he passed on )
  7. CT18fireman

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    On a stock diesel so I would think that single is the way to go. For a large gas motor or a built or chipped diesel duels may work. Be sure to check the state laws regarding sound and exhaust routing. Not worth all the expense if it will fail inspection.

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