Pvc Glue Gumming Up

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by svlandscape, Jan 6, 2005.

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    I do repairs on mainlines, lateral lines, valve replacements, etc, not everyday, but a few times a week and if I go for more than about 4 days without using a can of glue, it seems to gum up and is no good. I use IPS Weld-on Blue glue and Christy's Red Hot and seem to have similar results with both. When I buy it by the pint or quart it goes bad, when I buy it by the gallon, it goes bad when I put it in the pint containers but the glue in the gallon stays good until I finish it.

    What causes this to happen? Any way to prevent it?

    Thanks guys!
  2. i_plant_art

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    AIR when the glue hit they air for a period of time it gums up thats why it is doing that more than likely you dont have the cap on tight enough and air (constant fresh air) is getting into the can or it could be that there is a hole in your can (if ur refilling the same can over and over) this is the only thing i know of that will make it gun up. its really the process of drying ut since there is so much glue there it dries on the outside and is gummy on the inside. but the answer is AIR check the cap
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    What he said, kinda. It's not so much that the air is getting inside, but the also the gases of some of the ingredients are working their way through the seal and causing the rest of the solvent to dry out.

    Try this old trick and you'll waste less. Buy pints if you are not doing much continuous cementing. Pints may cost a bit more, but it doesn't hurt so bad when you knock one over into the ditch or hole. I prefer Wet-R-Dry or Christy's Red Hot. After you finish using the cement, clean the splash from around the cap, put it on securely, and then store the can upside down. This seals the outlet and the cement will last for a long time. I've had a can last 6 mos. Set it on a shelf in the garage and forgot about it. When I found it, it was still in good shape, no clabbering.

    Jerry R
  4. DanaMac

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    Don't forget, this time of year when it's cold out, keep your glue indoors when not in use. Nothing like a full can of glue gone to he!! because it has been outside freezing up every night.
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    Thanks for the info1 I supected it could be air, so what if will do from now on is clean the threads of the can and cap after every use and close it as securely as possible. Hoopefully that will help!

    Thanks again!

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