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  1. Harley-D

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    Suggestions for residential. Mefenoxam has a pretty vague label but at $600/gal is a little steep. Even if the rate is 1/2 oz.

    Mancozeb? Not typically used by itself. Is there anything else out there? What do you guys do if you know your customer has pythium?
  2. greendoctor

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    Heritage or Insignia. I know, expensive as well, however they also take care of leaf spot and brown patch. I avoid keeping single weed or single fungus chemicals in inventory. Is there any way, you can get Subdue Maxx by the quart? So you are only out $250 instead of $600. When treating pythium rotation of fungicides is essential.
  3. heritage

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    You have an Option......Nutrol By LidoChem.

    Works Like Aliette....The Alliette converted to Phosphite within the plant. BUT we know that Aliette IS NOT labled for Residential Lawns.

    Nutrol IS and Is Potassium PHOSPHITE. Look it up and use it.

    Pythium is scary stuff with nighttime temps above 65F and all the humidity.


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