Pythons in the Everglades

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Pythons in the Everglades has been in the news and on Discovery TV a lot in last few years.

    Father's Day my Kids took me on a Air Boat Tour of the Everglades. My first time and I always consider these Air Boat Rides as a tourist trap. But I would recommend it to everybody. The water level was seriousily low and we only could only go in the man made canals. But the Guide was a real Cracker and very informative. I used to have a Gators traping license and was on FWC Rotation for removing Gators from residential areas and I learned about Gators from this guide.

    I ask about Pythons in the Everglades and what evironmental impact they were having. The Guide tells us that the last few winters the Temperature dropped to as low as 25 degrees and the Pythons being tropical could not take the cold weather and the gators got fat. He said there still are some Pythons left but the population is at a balance FOR NOW. The State trained 25 people to be Python Hunters and is still paying a bound on each snake caught. However these guys aren't getting rich right now.
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    That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing that. So what is the snakes northern range limit?
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    Have a few in Tampa. A 10 footer was basking on a sidewalk in a resi neighborhood last fall. Scared the bejesus out of an old guy out for a walk. The news people would have you believing they are everywhere swallowing kids and poodles.:usflag:
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    Winston Salem NC.
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    yea that and we have gators all over the place. and we all live on the beach.....
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    Way back in the late eighties and early nineties I both worked and played a great deal all over the Everglades. From Everglades National park through Loxahatchee to Lake Okeechobee.
    I once observed at a much closer range than I wanted too a female gator lying on a sumac that was at least 10' longer than the 14' mud boat I was in. Came around the sumac poling back to the ramp and "holy crap" here is this beast. It would have been longer but a good foot or so was missing from her tail. Found out later that gators would sometimes snap at their own tails.
    Never saw any pythons though.
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    My father was a jeweler, Watch maker and gemologist. In retirement he had a small shop where he repaired Watches. In the late 70's the state of Florida fined him for selling Alligator watch bands. They were cracking down on all Alligator hunting and any by product from Alligators. In the 1980's when I moved back to Florida, Gator were still only found in very remote areas like the Everglades. Today they are all over the place and desperately need thinned out.
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    Been following the series also, I find to be very interesting but yet scary - but still plan on coming back this winter.

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