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q36 owners, help me develop a better height adjustment system for the q36


LawnSite Silver Member
I was in my shop (er garage) yesterday, and was thinking about a quicker, and better height adjustment for the back of the q36.

what I am asking for, is your input (owning a quick or otherwise) as to 1. the feasability of this, and 2, any improvements you can think of.

these are the requirments I set up for myself:

1. no tools.

2. KISS (keep it simple stupid)

3. if you mess up, make it easy to change back.

4. make it quicker than the current system.

now for my idea:

if any of you have an exmark Z, you know that you can change the height very quickly with a pin that goes through a predrilled hole, and in fact, most floating decks have this kind of adjustment.

now what if you we could apply that same (plug and play) principle to the quick 36? I realize that the front castors will remain the same, but if we put a metal plate over the current slot that changes the height adjustment, and drill holes for the inside of the frame where the bolt currently goes, so we know it is already aligned at each height adjustment. we could use the convienient gauge that that is currently used for height adjustment.

after we do this, all that would be necessary to change heights, would be to slip a small metal rod through the hole (like used in the exmark height adjustment) and secure it with the same style pin that exmark uses.

I have yet to determine the best way to bolt the plate on, but right now, I am leaning on bolting it to the the deck, and to the lip that comes over the top of the height adjustment. I am also leaning on 11 guage steel for this application, because I would have to heat, and bend the metal in a "]" shape to to bolt it on each end.

this would have to be done on each side, and let us examine if I met all my goals.

1. yes, I met that one, there are no tools involved.

2. yes, I am using a proven design, that is used widely.

3. yes, I using the bolt pattern I have outlined, I would only be left with 4 bolt holes on each side, and not in a visable area, so no biggy. I could change back easily.

4. well, this one really requires that it be implemented before I am totally sure of this one, but even if it takes the exact same amount of time (about 2 minutes) I would not need any tools, and worry about burning my hand on that hot cylinder head.

just because I have met all my goals does not mean that it is a perfect system, and that is why I am posting this, I want feedback on how I can improve my idea (there is always room for improvement).

also, realize that this idea is fairly new (2 days) and I still have to turn it over in my mind for at least 2 weeks, and work out all the details before I proceed, because it is going to take me a while to get the metal bent the way I want it with my limited equipment (like a blow torch, heat gun, and pliers).

now what really would be nice, is that this kind of system was put on q36's from the very start (hint hint).

thanks for reading my long post. :blob3: