Q4 Plus pictures/results in Fescue.

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    I messed around with some Q4 Plus this past Saturday that I bought earlier this year and hadn't used. I mixed 3 gallons for spot-spraying purposes...even though I nearly blanket-sprayed my yard. I think the label said 2.5-3 oz/gal Q4 and I put probably a table spoon of sticker. Here are the results after 3 days....

    Pic 1- I forgot I wasn't supposed to spray on centipede, so it yellowed. Hey, grandma doesn't care, she has acres and acres of land. At any rate, I was spraying the crabgrass to the right and as you can see it smoked it quick, this area has full sunlight though.

    Pic 2- I sprayed this nutsedge in a bare area of centipede. I can juuuuuust start to see some yellowing/brown although this picture doesn't do it justice.

    Pic 3- Clearly you can see it smokes clover, I sprayed on the right and didn't spray on the left.

    Pic 4- I was blanket-spraying this area in my yard where crabgrass was everywhere, as you can see it is in the process of killing it and the fescue was unharmed.

    Also, the conditions were near 90 degrees everyday, which is teeter tottering the no spray line for this herbicide.

    It didn't seem to touch dallisgrass at all which I was a little disappointed to see. Goosegrass has been turning yellow also.




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    looks good for 3 days. I am pretty certain it is 2.5-3oz is per 1000 though not per gallon. Any idea from many sq ft you sprayed? keep us updated if you get any burning on the fescue in the next week or 2

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