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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dacoach, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Last day of 90 degrees or less is tomorrow so I would like to spray Q4 for crabgrass and foxtail. I will put it in a 2 gallon spot sprayer and hit some bad patches all over the lawn. Lawn is fine turf type fescue, bluegrass, and rye. I did read the instructions but they give you a range of 1-5 gallons of water you could use per the ounces recomended. This is the first chemical that I have used that gives you a range and not a specific rate. What has worked for you guys in this aplication so close to the heat limit. A second application would not be a problem, rather do this than hurt the turf. Most of the grasses are very small and some I will have to pull. It is just way to much to pull when the back is not that great to start out with. Any help will be great.
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    I would go with the lower rate and do a second app if needed.
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    The range is for difference in the amount of water you want to apply. The amount of chemical per 1000 sq ft would be the same.

    Smaller grasses are easier to kill--you may end up pulling the largest crabrasss, and foxtail. Do not pull it. This leaves a big hole. Just cut it off flush with a big saw knife.

    Spray one gallon of water on cement--measure how many square feet you covered. Calibrate and mix accordingly.
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    If you are just looking to controll the crabgrass and Foxtail, and you do not have any Sedge or Broadleaf weeds that are of any concern, then you may want to look into Drive 75 or it's generic equivalent called Eject 75 made by Advan. I think someone on here mentioned that Eject would only cost about $60 an acre in a broadcast so the spot treatment costs would be minimal.

    I could have missed something on the label but I do not think that Drive has a high temp warning, and the dangerous stuff in Q4 at high temps and humidity is the 2-4-D and the Dicamba.

    Drive is Quinclorac which is the Active ingredient in Q4 that kills the grassy weeds.


    If all your after is the crabs and foxtail, I think this would be safer for ya :)
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    If you have crabs....you may need something more then Drive!

  6. DSTC

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    lol, I almost fell out of my chair.

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