QB vs. Quicken vs. Money 2003 Deluxe & Business

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Navig8r, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Navig8r

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    OK... I know this is probably a worn out topic by now, but I'm getting confused.....:dizzy:

    I'm a solo, so payroll, etc is not a concern, and probably will not be for a couple years at least...

    I want to be able to send professional looking invoices to my customers and keep track of income... I'm using MS Money 2002 right now for financial mgmt..... just started though, so not too attached, but I do like it.

    Looked at QuickBooks..... Holy $h** could there be a few more versions of this software????? I don't even know where to start... many here have said QB pro, but what about QB Contractor... is it any help?

    Will Quicken do what Quickbooks does?... seems to be less expensive.........

    I also saw today that MS Money 2003 in the Deluxe & Business edition will do invoices.... anyone have any experience with this?
    It was only $79.00 at Staples, before the $20.00 mail-in rebate.

    I also saw a package just for invoicing/billing that was only $40.00 It will keep track of services/customers/biling + print invoices / envelopes / labels......

    Any thoughts.....What do you use?
    I'd appreciate any help...... thanks!
  2. ksland

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    Buy Quickbooks and trash the rest. Nothing else does what it does. Not familiar with Quickbooks contractor, I would recommend QB pro though. You want to be able to do estimates
  3. Mike Bradbury

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    MUCH easier to use than QBooks. Does custom invoices,receivables,estimates. Only thing QB's gives you is payroll features, and you pay $150 a year for updated tax tables! Quicken is great for small one person opps. Does what I need.
  4. TLS

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    For just inviocing and estimates, I use MySoftware's MyDeluxe Invoices and Estimates. It was only like a $40 program. Does my quarterly sales tax reports, makes my invioces, can make estimates ( I have no use for that). But it doesn't do any banking. Only banking it does is record your customers checks, amount, date, etc. Will do history's and invoice tracking.

    Check it out here http://www.elibrium.com/mysoftware/mydie.htm

    I really like it for its simplicity and ease of use. I have no use for integrating my entire business finance on computer, nor do I have a use for scheduling and routing, crews, etc. that all the big software programs do.
  5. Evan528

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    Tommy, Be careful with that program. I ran that program for 3 years and finally had enough when all my info got "corrupted" and lost for the second time this Winter. The first time I made the mistake of not backing up to disk often enough...when it crashed I was out of luck and all my info was gone (thank god a keep alot of my records on paper also). Well I figured the computer it was on was getting old and the computer must be going and was the cause of the "corruption". When I bought a new computer because I needed a more up to date one anyway and starting using the program again. I was a fanatic about backing up my info daily on disk this time so I would not be back in the same predicamin. Well you guessed it.....this winter I went to open the program and I got the message again "this program and become corrupted, would you like to download your backed up files?" I thought no program...sure am glad I have been being so careful about backing up! Well this time I put my disk in and somehow the files on the disk had become corrupted to and all my info was lost once again. Judging from the fact that I was using this program on 2 diffrent computers and had the same program loosing all my files I think it must be the program is ****. I finaly broke down and spent 350 dollars on Groundkeepers pro and have been thrilled with it. my deluxe invoices and estimates gives me chills now when I think about the the stress and kaos it caused me.
  6. Let it Grow

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    Check Ebay for Qbooks! They have much better deals than Staples. I just bought 2003 Pro in the factory sealed box for less than $200.

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