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I currently use quickbooks pro 2001. I know qclip will print me route sheets, but I can do that in a hour each spring. What can qclip do for me to make my life easier. Oh yeah I have about 90 regular maintenance accounts, and my guys know the route very well. school me
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Besides the route sheets and making your billing a lot easier, CLIP will help you with all of the little notes, exceptions and changes to the schedule that inevitably will happen throughout the season. With 90 customers you are not overwhelmed at this point and if you do not have turn over, you can train your employees to give exact detailed service to each account but if you grow larger or hire new employees, things will start to get out of control.

That is just to say that it will help you as you grow and it is better to get started while you are small, that way you won't have to worry about setting up systems after you grow.

The main area that CLIP will really help you is in profit. Most people don't see the full benefit of CLIP before they purchase it. That is because they don't see how important tracking your revenue per hour is. You only have so many hours to sell in a season, it is imperitive that you get the most per hour sold. You can do that in CLIP because it will track every minute on every job and do a $/hour comparison between customers for you.

Most companies simply decide how much they are going to raise their prices to the customer and send out a notice. This kills their profitability because the best customers they have (highest dollars per hour) will get bids from other companies and you will lose them but the the worst customers (lowest dollars per hour) will get bids from other companies but they will stick with you. So you have to go out and get more work which will usually be at a discount.

This is the reason many people struggle from year to year and don't understand that the 25-35% profits are right there, if they just had the information and used it.

Besides all of this, it is very important that if you decide to grow, you have systems in place to handle everything. CLIP can handle all of the customer information, complaints, complements, notes, contacts, emails, documents, estimates, pricing, services, etc... Once you have the information in one place under each customer, your whole company runs smoother.

If you decide to try CLIP out, you will have to update your QuickBooks to at least 2002Pro.

Hope this helps.......
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