Qexpress or service auto pilot

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. BLC1

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    I have been going back & forth on this. Can you somebody push me one way or another.

    What are some pros and cons of each?
  2. TMlawncare

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    Just use Quickbooks Pro along with Qxpress and be done with it. I use Qxpress Platinum. This program is designed very well for the lawncare industry. I use it to schedule all my mowing, fert apps, bush/shrub trimming, monthly bed maint, snow removal and everything else. I don't enter any jobs in Quickbooks anymore. Always use Qxpress then it just auto syncs with Quickbooks. This will be my third year using the software and to be honest I am still learning. There is soo much more it can do but I just have not found time to explore.
  3. TMlawncare

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    Just go through looking over service autopilot. Very impressive software. It resembles Qxpress Online. It is really impressive how they are going to incorporate marketing into the software. Qxpress allows you to do this also but not to the same degree. Autopilot also allows you to go mobile using an iphone, blackberry or android. Qxpress only works with windows mobile pda. Hope they change that soon.
    Right after looking it over and playing with the demo, I still wonder how many bugs still need to be worked out. I know with Qxpress when I first installed it two years ago I would get an 6-7 updates a day sometimes. They were constantly refining little quirks in the system. Last year 2 updates the whole year and zero glitches. Autopilot is so new it just makes me wonder. When I installed Qxpress the software had be out for several years in some form or another and the were still fixing kinks. Clip software and had little kinks and glitches since I can remember and many are still being addressed. Autopilot looks promising but like any think else, time will tell.
  4. seabee24

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    Sap rocks, the single reason that I would go with them...when you have a need or an unusual request, they listen and with in a few months they build it into their system just as you want. It's like having your own programer. Understand things don't happen over night, but they do make changes, most have been for the better
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  5. BLC1

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    Did you rent or buy the Qexpress. I was reading even if you buy the software you may spend 2-3 hundred bucks on support each year. Does that sound right?
  6. TMlawncare

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    We bought it. Pay around $1550 for Platinum with mapping. You must pay $355 per year after your first year for support if you purchase it. Now the program will work fine if you chose not to purchase the support plan. You just can't get support or updates. Now say you have a problem 18months from your purchase date and you chose not to pay the yearly fee. If you want help you must buy the support. You will pay the yearly fee plus a monthly fee for every month past your one year anniversary up to the purchase price of your software. It really is kinda a hostage tactic. Unfortunatly must company have some form of this unless you rent/lease the software. Keep in mind Qxpress is no different. If you rent/lease the software you pay no support fee.
    Its really a little more affordable to purchase it as long as they don't increase the price of the support plan much more. A year ago the support or "keep me current plan" as the call it was $295, this year $355.
  7. BLC1

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    In Qexpress can you set up notes for customers? I mean can you set up some detail a customer likes and that note prints each week for that customer?
  8. PROCUT1

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    Remember there are two parts of the software you need to run a business.

    You need accounting software i.e. quickbooks and you need scheduling/routing software.

    I find quickbooks to be the most common, and they really have the system down and the accountants love it. Its the backbone of the business. your "books" I wouldnt trade using that.

    I used qxpress for a 500 lawn residential route and loved it. It did everything I wanted it to do and more.....Easy scheduling, routing, customer notes, you name it.

    The most important part was it integrated PERFECTLY with quickbooks.

    I had tried others before, like gopher, and they claim to integrate with quickbooks but each one of them resulted in me having to delete them and start a brand new quickbooks file after it got so screwed up.

    I highly recommend qxpress.
  9. grass-scapes

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    I use qxpress as well. There are many different templates you can use. The route list I use will give directions to the crew and will print out things specifically for the customer. You can have jobs.....Jobs of jobs....Its very customizable.

    The only thing I don't like is paying the 295 (I am grandfathered in to that price) every year for minimal changes. The nicest change this year was the lead option. You can create a customer as a lead in qxpress and it will not create the customer in quickbooks until you change them to a customer in Qxpress. Nice for doing quotes and if they go with someone else, you can either delete them from qxpress, or make them inactive in case they call back another time.

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