Qouta System


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Have you guys ever thought about this,,or maybe some of you use it already

You have a crew working all week,,,you pay the members of the crew weekly based on a qouta system..

ie. they complete oh i dunno 60 residential clients this week they get paid X amount of dollars,,,and you check on there work,,it would save you time on the job,, and force your people to do a good job,,while they are happy if they get off early a day or 2 here and there,,and then some weks it rains and they get stuck there? Is this a stupid idea?


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I'm still a solo op. But I've definately considered this as a future option


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I use something along those lines with my guys. Incentive pay is what I call it, I offer pre-set bonus money if a job gets done quickly but correctly as well as lawn cutting too. The faster they get the accounts done, the more they make. It has not failed me yet.

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