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Since its a grass and not a weed I figured I'd post here also. I have a new customer (fertilizer only) that has a bad quackgrass problem in his lawn. What are your recommendations short of the Round-up bath or box scraping the whole lawn, to remove this crap. Its really nasty, the male customer says its ok because its green but the boss says its rotten and ugly and I am the guy that has to remedy the problem. Can anyone help??? Thanks


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Be ready to Roundup quackgrass three times, may get it in two. But you will have to put up with dead area for 2-5 months. If you just do one Roundup appl, and reseed, customer will be bummed when quackgrass is back next year. Any mechanical attempt at control will just spread it.<p>Here in spring quackgrass grows earlier than other lawn grasses. By time lawn starts to grow, quackgrass is up 6&quot; to 8&quot;. Hit it at this time with a wick application of Roundup. I had some success with this method, but only had site for one year. Might get total cleanup in 3 years, but will have green lawn whole time. Have used wick application on quackgrass in ground cover beds, and had it clean in 3 years.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<p>


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hey ed..<br>got same problemo with a few of my customers...a product called fusilade II is a selective,systematic herbicide that i am going to try with the advice of my lesco rep. it's a bit spendy and it may take a few apps to get the 'quack' out of the grass..<br>email me for more details...<br>


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I have a customer that is wants to dig it out and then wants sod put in on the ten or so small areas of quackgrass. How deep and wide do you have to dig and will this work?

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