Quail Manufacturing sod cutter..


Yardley, PA.
I did a search, but the last mention of it was a year ago.

So, does anyone here have experience with the Quail Manufacturing manual sod cutter?


The little jobs I get for new beds are too small to warrent renting a sod cutter, but I sure don't like to cut by hand with a shovel.

I'd be interested to hear if it actually works as well as they claim it does (cuts it in one strip so you can just roll it up, 30 feet in 40 seconds).


Yardley, PA.
Originally posted by lawnwizards
just rent the sod cutter and add it into the price... or better yet, plan two removals the same day and split the cost between the customers....

Like I said, these are small jobs. Adding in the rental fee and my time to pick up/drop off the machine would jack the price higher then what many would want to pay for these small jobs.
The rental yards have a 4 hour minimum, and I'd probably only need the machine for less then one hour on some of these. It's just not real practical.

I have to weigh the rental fees (and pick-up/drop-off), against doing it by hand with a shovel, and it just doesn't weigh out right on these small jobs.

I'm all for renting equipment when it's really the best choice and have done so in the past. But sometimes it's just not really worth the trip and the paperwork.

As far as lining two or more jobs up for one day, I just don't get that many that often. So that isn't practical either for me.

From what little I've read about the Quail Mfg. manual sod cutter, it sounds good. But I only found 2 or 3 posts from members that have one and they didn't go into much detail. Just said they loved it.

David Shaw

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I've used a manual sod cutter. Don't know if it was a Quail or not, but it looks identical. 30 feet in 40 seconds is stretching it. Depends on the spot, how dry or wet etc. It can be a hell of a lot of work. Still it is better than a spade.

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