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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 44toy, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Seen these around going to look at a used 5 year old hydro for a backup mower tomorrow. Have owners had good luck from these? the guy said he has to add hydro fluid, but it doesn't leak? I never have to add to hydros on my bunton and it's 10 years plus old. Guy is asking $1500.00 I am thinking around $1000.00. he says some paint flaked off, 17hp kawasaki pull start, works perfect, he bought new, 48" deck, no sulky of frills.
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    I would think twice about a hydro mower in less than stellar condition. I bought a nearly new one recently and was immediately hit with a $600 repair bill for a hydro pump with a part that was stripped out. I'd imagine an old unit could really have some problems pop up.

    Belt drives, they're pretty simple and parts, even an engine, aren't horrible. But with 2-4 pumps/motors running $500 or more each, your "savings" could evaporate.

    I've never heard of having to add hydro fluid. Sounds like it could be a leak somewhere. Can you do a compression check on the engine too? Sometimes they run, but don't have near as much power as when new.

    If it's just a backup, a belt drive might suffice and you'd get more bang for the buck with a little less risk.
  3. blairbuc

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    If the Ferris has the single hydro pump made by Eaton, it is low pressure and bullet proof as hydro's go. my dates back to 87 with a 12hp iron Kohler. Its work load is just doing my brothers place once a week, semi retired. The Eaton is not a zero turn and needs brakes to turn it. I think my old Ferris deck cuts better than my 2001 Hustler with Upper Deck when it comes to low dry thin grass. Probably a back pressure issue on the Hustler's upper deck and to be fair that's when I had 8 blades on the upper deck, it's better with 4 and have not tried it with 2 or 0 blades.

    At least with the Ferris the belts and pulley system is bigger than my Hustlers but we are comparing mowers that are year apart. Ferris has been kind of an odd duck until their full suspension model got the attention of some guys. I find mine as beefy as it gets with good thought made to access concerning repair panels with rubber straps for no tool, no rattle excess. On my Hustler, I'm always looking for the wrench and drilling a frame only allows for rust after a while. My Ferris even fell off a truck, about three feet. My brother still can't kill it.

    Most of these comparisons are worthless because these guy mostly use the same hydro pumps, wheel motor, engines ect. To me it boils down the way another company puts it all together and the way that deck cuts.

    Next mower I get, I will look at Exmark, Hustler, Walker and Ferris.
  4. rodfather

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    It's worth a $1000, not $1500 though. We've had great success in the past 9 years of commercial mowing with Ferris machines. Think we're up to like 15 of them so far...I personally think they are extremely reliable.

    Can email me if at rspronck@aol.com if you have any other questions about Ferris machines.
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    They take a lot of abuse. Geat machines.
  6. QuadRacer041

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    ive had my ferris for about 7 years now and i would never buy any other w/b then a ferris, not to say that other arent any good but i just like the ferris so much.never had any problems with it other the the hydro belt lets go about once a year and needs to be replaced, no biggy at all really.
    hopefully the one your lookin at is a dual drive, probably is if its a 48".
    anyway the adding of hydro fluid is no biggy either, the reason is the hydro ressy's have vents which allows some of the fluid to lightly mist out of them causing the need to add on occation(sp?) ive had to add small amounts maybe once a year if that.


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