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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CustomTouchIrr, Feb 26, 2004.

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    As we know having an irrigation system is a luxury item. We found in 2003 we were chasing quotes and those quotes were not turning into sales. For 2004 we are looking a new strategy to qualify the customer sot hat we are not wasting precious time on quotes that are likely not to bear fruit.

    Any suggestions from the group as to the best practices here?

    Custom Touch Irrigation
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    Rick, You might want to ivenstigate to why those quotes arent turning into sales. Price? Product?

    I have decided when I get a call before going out to spec, I will educate the customer a little over the phone on our products and services and also let them know that a basic average residential can cost 1500- 3500. Sense their response! Do they choke?
    If they don't then proceed to meet and spec out job. Again through a more close average cost at the site. In this case it might be 2500 to 3000, but let them understand you need the time to carefully spec out the design needed. This makes you look more professional. Did they choke?

    If not then proceed to a design and product presentation and deliver. At this point you have weeded out the people who are a 0% potential sale.
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    but what we have found is that the customers say anythign to get you out there then do not go ahead. We know that we are not the least expensive shop out here. We are not trying to play the low bid games. our success rate multiplies if we can get a face-to-face audience (which in itself is a qualifier) after the design is make and quote worked up. But that is only about 40% of the quotes. I would like 2004 to be more effective that this and see at least a 55 to 60% proposals of the quotes we generate.

    We quoted over 900 properties last year. That is only about 350 installations. Granted it was really wet here last year but still that is alot of work that did not turn into business.

    Other thoughts on qualifying Irrigation customers when you know they are just trying to get a quote?

    We are at the point now where we are considering charging for an onsite visit. Where we would work up a quote free if they sent a plot plan to us but charge a fee that would apply tot he total install if they go with us. Does anyone else do this?

    Rick Nelson
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    40 percent isnt a bad closing rate if you have good margins. I am at about 4 in 10 on cold calls , and 7 in 10 on referals.

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