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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AlanJ, May 14, 2002.

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    I am new to the business and have been in sales for years but, what is the main things that you ask a customer? also I could use some advice on estimation.
  2. The questions you ask will depend on how particular you are going to be starting out. Your first years you may take on customers that you will decline to work for after you are established.
    Also what range of services will you be offering?
    Contract or not?
    What situations are you not willing to deal with?
    What are you offering that is special?
    Frame your interview/presentation to deal with these questions.

    Estimating is a broad question, -what services?
    There is hours of reading on this subject if you use the search feature.
    Most here use an hourly rate, then quote either a flat price based on that or the hourly rate itself.
    Your costs, income goals, and competence level should determine your hourly rate.
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    As stated above!!
    Also "How'd you here about us??" This question helps "weed out" the price shoppers too. Referals are always the best.

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    I try to talk to them on the phone as much as they will tollerate before I even go see the property. I always want to know if they have been working with another LCO and why they aren't using them anymore. ALWAYS ask how often they want it mowed first. If they want it mowed every 2 or 3 weeks it makes a huge difference how much it will be and whether or not you even want it. Yes, I agree about asking how they heard of me. If it's a referral from and existing customer, I feel I can usually get a little more because they're already sold on what a great job I do.

    I'm glad I asked these questions of a lady who called today. She says that they've had the same service for 3 years and he's an older guy who she thinks has a drinking problem. Friday when she got home, their lamp post was knocked over and lying across the driveway and there were some clumps in the lawn. She thinks he hit the post, which he denies. I told her it's been a "clumpy spring" and suggested she tried to work something out with him, but he's already been fired. I don't know if he hit the post or not, maybe he did and didn't realize it. Anyway, she sounds like she could be a problem customer, and my price will certainly reflect that. I always discuss my terms with my customers before I give them a price, and if they argue and whine about them (i.e. prepayment requirement), I add a bit on to what I was going to bid. That way, if I get the job, it's worth the hassle.

    Good Luck!

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