Quality Does Win Out Over Cheap Price

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Premo Services, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Premo Services

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    :usflag: I had this customer for 2 years. Always called me on tuesday, thursday to talk about what I will be doing when I mowed his lawn on friday, a real PITA. I charged him for the pita factor and was doing a lot of extra work for him.
    Always wanted something done, never balked or tried to bicker with my price.
    This year he went with someone else, he called my phone at 4:00 in the mornong and cancelled.
    He found a "Guy" to do it for, get this 5.00 less than I was charging.
    The "Guy" was doing a lot of lawns in the area and my customer thought he could save 5 dollars a week.
    The guy was not trimming around trees, edging the walks, drive and I would pass the house every week to get to other homes and look at his lawn and smile.
    He called and asked me if I could aerate and seed his lawn because his guy only mowed.I charged him a much higher price and he accepted my bid.
    A week later he calls me and asked me if I would accept his apology and take him back as a customer. I told him I would and started to do the work of getting his property back to the way it was.
    He calls me and thanks me for all the work I did and that he was soo glad that he got me back, and how much better it looked. He said he got rapped up in this guy and jumped on the deal, but after a few weeks he was dismayed, and was afraid to call me to take it back.

    Well a long post but Ithis customer made my day and quality does prevail over cheep prices...:cool2: :weightlifter:
  2. delphied

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    Dis you up the price a bit?
  3. Frosty03

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    Yeah, when that happens, I always go up and tell them that my price structure has changed for new customers.
  4. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I have yet to lose a customer based on the quality of the work I do. I just picked up a new account due to the unreliability and poor work habits of others. That is why I am not the cheapest but once I get the customer they stay with me....


  5. J&R Landscaping

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    Quality work, a good price and dependability go a long way!
  6. Richard Martin

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    I built my business in Maryland on the Quality First model and it worked very well there. The same model is working out here in NC too. I was afraid that I wasn't charging enough here in NC though. Recently a fellow LCO came down from MD and we rode around and looked at all of my current jobs and then we compared prices. First he would tell me how much he would charge for the job and then I'd tell him how much I charged. Half of the jobs I was lower than him (by $5 a cut) and half I was higher. My pricing seems to be right in line. There is a point to this...

    I am definately coming in higher than the market normally bears. On one job that I charge $45 for there is another guy doing the yards on either side of mine for $30. I have one that the lady was paying $20 a cut to have done and I priced it at $30. This lady couldn't be happier with my quality of work and even pays a month in advance. I have a doctor's (intern, low wage) house that I do. A competitor had flyered the neighborhood with $25 pricing for any yard, mow, trim, blow and go. My price is $40 and I mentioned something to him about pricing. He told me not to worry about it and keep up the good work.

    It takes a while to get good customers like these but it is well worth the wait. Of about 20 estimates that I have given this year I've landed 7 accounts.

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