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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jjohnb, Aug 27, 2005.

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    I am looking for a quality lawn service near Lansdale, PA. The owner of my old service which I and my neighbors used for many years unfortunately died in an auto accident a couple years ago and I have not been able to find a "quality" service since. I just spent a few weekends rebuilding my landscape beds and putting down mulch (10 cu yrds of topsoil and another 10 cu yrds of mulch). I came home from work and the service I have now blew grass in all of the beds (not just a little but mounds the length of every bed!). If you are or know of a quality service please post back or email me at jjohnb@excite.com. If it works out the old service did several of my neighbors as well so there is a nice economy of scale for you in this time of high gas prices! Thanks for your help!
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    I wished I was close I would take care of your dilemma. I dont know why some lawn services blow clippings in flower beds, that urks me big time and I go to great lengths not to do that. Im sure someone on this site will be able to help, good luck.
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    hey we would possible be interested in helping you please email us back at thegreenerside@hotmail.com and we can take it from there
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    Not sure how your beds are designed, but if your lawn service has at least a backpack blower it should be easier to keep cleaner beds. Check their rates for the additional blower usage, if your beds are designed like obstacle-courses. Hopefully not though, and a good backpack blow should suffice the unfortunate wind drift. We do hope you relayed this to your lawn service, as most likely the foreman didnt see what condition the lawn area was left by the staff that day.

    Bed design, proximate lawncare can always be tweaked by a border of liriope at the edge -planted within all beds adjacent lawns. Liriope perennially weathers snow and ice well, and as a result it's way expensive at about $4-7 per 1-2 gallon plant. You can plant it close together for a dense border. It has good winter hardiness and color especially planted in fresh mulch whether orange golds or brown black mulch . Simply pull aside enough mulch and dirt,and plant it with a handfull of 16-week, timed-release superior-grade fertilizers like: 10-18-22 Parex from Lebanon, or 14-14-14 Turf & Ornamental from Lesco - they're well worth the $21+ price for the 50 pound bag! Keep moist for 3 weeks after planting, and it should thrive by this time next year. As a tight border they repel mower-chute discharge real well.

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