Quality of cut vs quality of turf.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, May 5, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    After being on here several years I've noticed that some area's of the country just have better turf overall. I would think mostly urban area's. This no doubt explains why some may like a certain ZTR and others may hate the same design. If a lawn here has good turf it seems like most any brand of mower will do an adequate job. It's on the lawns that have a mix that seem to give the most problem. I have to admit that most of my lawns out here in the country typically have a mix of the original grass that was planted and other grasses and weeds that eventually invade. And homeowners do not invest a lot of money into the upkeep of lawns. So how many of you actually mow pure turf grass most of the time? No doubt the better income neighborhoods will have a better quality of turf most of the time.
  2. rodfather

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    Only "pure" lawns we have are predominately fescue (red, tall, creeping). Rest are natural grasses and weeds.
  3. Runner

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    That is the nice thing about our area here in Michigan. There is ALOT of really nice turf.
  4. MOW ED

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    I guess I never thought of it as pure turf grass but I would have to say my route is all pure turf grass. It looks beautiful in the spring into early summer but then the non irrigated lawns just brown out. The irrigated ones look great and are nice to cut.
    I have cut fields for people and I guess I know what you are saying about the mix but there is nothing like a couple acres of fertilized irrigated turf.
  5. mudwisr2

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    I have a couple handfulls of customers who have weed-free lawns. I would say that the newly constructed houses have the worst quality lawns. I have 4 accounts in a neighborhood where the houses start at $599K, +/- .75 acre, all sodded with bermuda and are (were) pathetic. I feel bad for the people. I have been maintaining their properties for the past 3yrs and they are just starting to fill out some. Builders get guys to just throw down some sod and take off.
  6. tacoma200

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    We have a lot of pasture land, some of it converted to housing. Most of the time the builder will sprinkle a few seed around the construction site and leave the natural pasture there. No doubt the pasture started as fescue but eroded in quality as the years went by. So I'm mowing areas that cows and horses were a few years ago. Very low quality turf but these new home builders are in it for the money and the home owner really gets taken as far as the turf goes. They do not irrigate here (except golf coursed) but we get over and inch of rain per week on average. Over half of my customers want it cut fairly low which makes it worse. The best looking turf is owned by retired men that work on it all the time. And even they constantly get undesirable grass and weeds blown in from nearby fields. Of course the bluegrass area of the state has much nicer lawns (good soil, higher incomes, and in general a higher standard of living).
  7. Jay's Lawncare

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    Funny you should bring this up, I just got back from Iraq a month ago and started back up this season. So far I have about 45 residential clients and have just recently signed an account with pure turfgrass. In my service area, the majority of yards are a centipede mix or 80% dandelions
  8. tacoma200

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    I assume you are in the military or a supporting role. Thanks for your service!
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    Ditto :usflag: Thanks
  10. TAZ

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    Same here. The only time it gets marginal is when the blues and ryes get a little stemy in mid spring. Other than that the turf is pretty good.


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