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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by qserve, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. qserve

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    Hello all. Went self-employed spring '07 after building up sideline business for 9 years while working shift work at ag processing plant. Hated the shift work, but it paid the bills and provided ins.while kids were young. Love being self-empl! Started with janitorial service to businesses. Then carpet cleaning for res. and biz. Then pest control and finally lawn care and snow blows. Fully licensed and insured. 5 part-time help. Really enjoy the lawn work. Looking forward to expanding this part of the biz. Not much for equip. yet. Just the basics. Pay as I buy. Don't need debt. Here in smalltown NW IA I am forced to diversify to stay busy. Works well though. Many customers use more than one of our services. Pretty optimistic about this business. Not too concerned about recession. Good luck to all.:waving:
  2. cgll1135

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    Good luck to you in Iowa. Where are you from DesMoines? I grew up there but not sure where you are.
  3. qserve

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    We are 2 1/2 hrs NW of Des Moines. 40 miles SE of Okoboji Lakes area if you are familiar with that. Travel to the the Des Moines area a few times a year. Do a little biz there with retail floor care. That place has been growing like crazy. Great town. Thanks for the reply. How's business in your area?

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