Quality used equipment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sunstate Lawn, Feb 15, 2008.

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    For those of us who are new and learning about equipment, what should we be looking for when we buy a piece of used equipment? Can the vets give us some sort of list? Here's the one thing I know.

    Grab the blade and see how much movement is in it. If it's loose it may need a new spindle, and it probably means that it hasn't been maintained very well.
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    Check for cracks in metal, and look good at the welds around the machine and make sure they are original, or at least look like they are fixed right. I would steer away from one that has been welded on though as they usually werent taken very good care of in the first place. A good way for me to tell how well a mower has been taken care of is a good general look. Is the mower clean, paint in good shape, and the seat not torn? Or is it muddy, has grease and oil all over it, broken parts, etc. Also look at the tires, this is a good way to tell on a z if someone has been out abusing it.

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    on walkbehinds i check for things

    is the deck completly straight... no dents no tears

    Are the handlebars completly straight... you would be surprised how many get dropped off ramps and trailers

    are the spindles tight

    is everything been greased.... last thing i do before i hand over cash if grease every fitting... i have seen mowers that were not greased in so long that you couldn't get grease into the zerk..

    i smell and inspect the air cleaner... you would be surprised how many times they have been drenched in ether to make a sale

    I let the owners start them and I run them around blades engaged..... for a min of 5 minutes.... then i let the owner shut the machine off....

    gives you a good clue on how they ran and took care of there stuff

    but really i would buy a walkbehind that was good on all other respects even if it had a bad motor, tranny or spindle... the deck and bars are the most important to me... everything else can be replaced
  4. wintergreenlawn&landscape

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    Be sure to check hydros and dampners on all ZTR equipment. Check engine for oil leaks and pull plugs. In addition make sure none of the electrical wires have been melted or shorted in anyway. Metal fatigue is important.
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    If you can, test mow a good size piece of property with it. You will learn more about that used machine on the first mow with it. Make sure it wont pull harder on one side than the other under a working load, that it cuts nicly and has no weird noises

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