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    once a day i read a post that some member replies about quality... my question is what makes a quality company?
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    "Can't see it from my house"
    "Good enough for government work"
    "Not my equipment, house, car, etc..."
    "I was supposed to tell the supervisor I broke something?"

    All of the above!

    Actually, we try to preach the clean-up portion of any job to our employees. We blow off the curbline first, then go over the walks. All doorways, garage doors, etc are hit w/blower in middle so debris gets pushed away from house, business and the entrances are left clean. Also all decks, patios etc blown off. All sidewalk seams kept free of grass/weeds. If the client sees a clean job, then they go inside and don't scrutinize everything. Otherwise, if their eyes are drawn to a mess, then they see every little thing that may have been missed. Also, don't blow your client's debris onto a neighbor's property. You never know who your next account may be.

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    I'd have to ditto a lot of what Turfdude said. Quality means that we reproduce a consistent service/product for the customer that at a minimum meets their needs, if not exceeds their expecations.

    Straight lines, grass cut at the right height, no turning marks on the lawn and no rubber on the pavement.

    Linetrimming compliments the mowing, but does not scalp or burn the edges along bed lines, pavement, etc.

    Edging is neat, without leaving ribbions or pieces of grass along pavement or bed edges.

    Blowing down includes opening up screen doors to clear out litter/debris from the corners, picking up blowing out from under door mats, blowing out in garages if open/available, and blowing down of all hard surfaces. Quality means not blowing grass/debris into street for traffic to carry onto your neighbor's property. It means blowing down your neighbor's driveway where your customer's lawn abuts to.

    Quality means coiling up hoses, putting the newspaper on the stoop/inside screen door, picking up sticks and trash before mowing, picking up kids toys before servicing the property.

    It means spraying Round-up on weeds/grass in the cracks of pavement along curbs, walks, gravel paths, open bed areas, etc.

    Quality is blowing off hard sufaces after you fertlize so you don't leave crunchies. Quality is blowing off the hard surfaces after you aerate.

    Quality means pulling weeds according to the contract. At the very least, pull the high profile weeds by entry doors and main beds - or at least the most agregeous ones even if you don't have weeding in your contract.

    Quality is not leaning, kneeling or stepping on the edges of beds where you'll flatten or round the edges over.

    Quality is not walking across the middle of a lawn after it's been cut, or mid week duing another service visit leaving path marks from where you walked. Walk along the perimeter of the lawn.

    Quality means you make sure not to set back pack blowers, hedge trimmers or line trimmers onto grass areas. Always set them on pavement when not in use so they don't leak on the grass and kill it.

    Quality means using the back side of a metal tined leaf rake to finish rake your mulch beds so they are smooth and consistent. You should not see waves and ripples in the bed. Mulch should not be built up around the plants.

    Quality means that you give your customer value for their dollars spent because you do more than just cut the grass. It means that you can identify and diagnose problem areas and recommend appropriate action if needed according to IPM practices. It means that when you do a plant installation you are doing it properly by not burying the plants too deep, or not amending the beds appropriately. It means understanding the plant material and how it grows. It means giving your customer the best they can get for their money because you understand horticulture and what it takes to the job right.

    Shall I go on? It's called creating Standard Operating Procedures - train 'em, train 'em and train 'em. Do quality checks to make sure you're employees are executing at the very least to the minimum standard you've set - and hopefully they're exceeding it.
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    "Quality means that you give your customer value for their dollars spent because you do more than just cut the grass. It means that you can identify and diagnose problem areas and recommend appropriate action if needed according to IPM practices." This statement is outstanding....

    for all the new members of lawnsite, thi is what you need to relize. your goal should not to be a professional grass cutter.
    applying only fertilizer to make a buck has no value. spend a little less time studying mowers and a little more time learning agronomics. so before you ask another question about bidding or how much do i charge ask your self how much do i know. just because you have the biggest fastest mower, doesn't mean you offer a quality service. you make think so, but step back and look at it from a consumers eye...
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    I tried to keep it short and sweet for all those who prefer to selectively bypass lenghty replies that are fact-filled and would help them in the long run become better landscape professionals!
    I definately agree w/ all of your aforementioned and will only add a uniformed staff, who does not smoke on client's properties. The training and reminding will over time become instinct to the seasoned employee. Again, another reason for personnel policies and procedures.

    If all employees follow S.O.P's, then there should be no complaint's and/or reason for callbacks. I pride myself on my 95+% retention rate of clients. I'm only sorry that I cannot expand quickly enough to accomodate more clients.

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    Great post Lawnlad--I'd like for you guys to come and do the property maintenance at my house !
    That is a heck of a sales pitch. If you include that as your creto with each and every estimate I bet you will get them all.

    Oh yeah.....nice soapbox F350.

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    “What makes a Quality Company?”

    Providing quality service starts with you …. The owner …..beyond the obvious of safe & professional work attitude …the training we provide our employees set the level of Expections we have

    We need to ask our clients to identify their needs and expectations …continuously meet the needs of their clients ….while managing their expectations …..

    support active employee involvement in meeting those needs … innovate employee’s … cultivate a "people-first" environment where teamwork is valued …

    accept risk associated with innovation …support a continuous learning environment …. and provide visible leadership for employees ….these are the foundation of of any quality service

    We have our Mission Statement just above the time clock " Reaching Customer's Expectations Thorough Quality Service’s So We May Enhance Our Maintenance Property's"
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    what is the soapbox blow all about???? thats kinda uncalled for dont you think.
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    VERY well put LawnLad, always strive for perfection.


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