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Quality's Economic Stimulus Package

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by qualitylandscaping, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. qualitylandscaping

    qualitylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,581

    Check out the website, let me know what you think of the idea. We may expand it to include other services, or products depending on the feedback.


    We will do a press release on this, and should make the news with now bad things have been around here lately. Probably get a few hundred new names on our mailing list if nothing else.
  2. Frontier-Lawn

    Frontier-Lawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,955

    you need a link on the main page to this item.
  3. qualitylandscaping

    qualitylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,581

    I know that. I haven't released the promotion to the public yet, just want some feedback about the idea before we start it.

    If we do release it, I will have a link off the homepage.
  4. Tyler7692

    Tyler7692 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,086

    Really, I think the idea is pretty stupid. The ONLY thing that will come out of it is that you will get the mailing info for a bunch of cheap asses.
  5. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,938

    Your range of dates is pretty narrow, only about two weeks. And, this period passes over a holiday season, when people are thinking about things OTHER THAN lawn care services. Yes, they might need snow removal services, but that is not what your credit is about.

    My point is that traffic across your web site could be very minimal over the next two week period. Obviously, you know the daily traffic over the season, and maybe you have reason to think that you will harvest a large group of names/addresses.

    I could see the offer extending into March 2009, open for a couple of months. I doubt you begin your mowing season much before April 1.
  6. qualitylandscaping

    qualitylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,581

    Obviously, you don't have a good background in marketing. Ever paid for a direct mailing list? Know how much they cost? Every person who enters this contest will at least be in the market for services, unlike a mailing list where you send to thousands of people and maybe 1% are actually interested in getting a quote. If they are in a bad area or a place we don't want to work, the entry will be deleted from our database.

    Those dates aren't set in stone, I will probably release it after the holiday. But, I want to keep a tight time window on it. This will be sent out as a press release, put in a tv ad, radio ad, and in other marketing material. If you don't give a somewhat short time window, people will forget about the promotion. Same thing with the big "sale today" commercials on tv. Tell people there is a sale two weeks from now, nobody will remember.

    I am considering changing it to 20 credits of $200. Well worth the investment for what we should get out of it.
  7. JDUtah

    JDUtah LawnSite Silver Member
    from UT
    Messages: 2,636

    Could be good.... are the people that would enter it the cheap ones that will do for anything to get it for free? (depends how it is presented via your media release) If it attracts those kinds, you are just asking for a list of mostly PITA's...

    my .02
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2008
  8. qualitylandscaping

    qualitylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,581

    I'm not sure. I would assume since the word "free" won't be used in this promotion, the real penny pinchers wouldn't be interested.

    Keep in mind this is a credit, to be used upon signature of a service contract. So if their mowing contract would be $900/season, they will pay that minus the credit of $200-500 or whatever number I end up using.

    It's not like I'm giving away free mowing contracts, which at that point I would agree would drive the PITA crowd to me. If they don't sign at my price, they don't get the credit.
  9. JDUtah

    JDUtah LawnSite Silver Member
    from UT
    Messages: 2,636

    It sounds like you are designing it with that in mind, I trust and hope it works well for you. I find it creative, good work.
  10. B & B Yardscape

    B & B Yardscape LawnSite Member
    Messages: 131

    AS A Local landscape contractor Quality Lawn & Landscape, Inc., understands the current state of the economy, and we are offering our own STIMULSpackage to help REDUCE some of your financial stress.

    Is how I would word it.

    Leave the dates open from now until you draw. The more time equals the more people that sign up equals more contacts. You want more than 10 people to sign up.

    After the drawing and you contact the other people on the list, I would say something like, "Even though you didn't win, we are offering $?? off a seasonal mowing contract if you sign up today."

    You might want to state that 1 entry per household will be printed and put into a hat. The winners will be drawn from that. And all decisions made by your company are final.

    If your average seasonal cost is $900. Don't you think $200 is too much to knock off? How many other contracts do you have to sign in order to break even?

    Purchase is necessary in order to get this discount. I'm not sure if that is legal or not. What you need to do is give them the "discount certificate" and if they choose to use you as a contractor, then they can use it. If they don't choose to use you as a contractor, then they still can keep the certificate. (that has no cash value).

    Good idea, I would offer a drawing for something like 1 per month all year long. That would keep people signing up all the time.

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