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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BQLC, May 26, 2006.

  1. BQLC

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    I have a commercial property that I started maintaining. I gave a price for cutting every 7 to 10 days. The property owner asked if I could do every 14 at first to see if it works out and I agreed. I have completed the work once and about to do it for the second time. Which it has been 14 days. The property takes longer to cut every 14 should I go back to him and let him know that it will need to at least every 10 days or mark it down as a lesson learned and continue at the 14. I gave him a per visit price.
    Another thing that takes up a lot of my time is the fact that I feel I have to keep moving my truck and trailer to where I can see it. (This property sets next a bad area) I wonder if I did not lowball myself in a since with having to move my truck so much and the grass getting so thick it takes longer to do the job than I anticipated
  2. Scottscape

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    Thats not something I would do but since your already in the hole with him, I would tell him that being peak season hes gonna need it cut. If he doesnt with it, then I would let him know that hes gonna be billed extra. If he still doesnt agree, drop him because hes being cheap and cheap people just leads to other headaches.
  3. martinfan06

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    sounds like a case of "lesson learnd" I go by the rule do what you and your contract says you will and youll be fine. I wouldnt run the risk of changing price so soon, do it for the term of contract. That shows you stand by your work. And you should have no problem keeping the work at better rate.
  4. cessnasovereign

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    LOL I know the feeling about watching your truck.. I just got 3 apartment complexes that are in the worst part of town, (West Blvd. for you Charlotte folk!) I mean I'm talking half of the apartments are boarded up, bums living in them and trash everywhere, really scary in the back part, and the older residents telling me I need to be careful "out this way".. lol
    BUT, the property managers are good and the price is excellent. I just picked up the properties mid-season so my first thought was either the previous LCO was murdered or had all his equipment stolen out there.. LOL
  5. BQLC

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    the original qoute was for every 7 to 10 days he is the one that changed it to every 14. should I tell him it will have to be every ten
  6. StBalor

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    yes, just tell him, the original quote was for 7-10 days. He said lets try 14, tell him 14 is not working.
  7. martinfan06

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    well in that case you are standing by the agreement and if they want somthing diff. you can easily change contract and the $$$$. Then you happly explain why, and itll probllay go back to 7-10 days.
  8. 29 Palms Property Management

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    Absolutely! You were willing to give to see if it would work out for 14 days between. It's not working. So change it. You gave a little, he now needs to give a little. The trial period is over. Move it back to 7 days.
  9. J Hisch

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    He's saving money off your back. First lesson to learn is always, always give a weekly price and a Bi-wkly price. Many LCO fail here then when a custoemr wants you to skip or miss a mowing you can charge the bi-wkly price the following cut. Example weekly 50.00 BI-wkly 75.00 they miss a week you are really only out 25.00 bucks for the missed mowing instead of the whole 50.00. Get into the habit, of doing this.... We also explain that you want a reliable lawn service we want reliable revenue it works for everyone.
  10. HOOLIE

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    He wants it every 2 weeks??? Translation: He's cheap, he don't care about the quality and he'll drop you as soon as he finds someone $5 a week cheaper...

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