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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CGLC, May 18, 2008.

  1. CGLC

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    Fell into 60 fert accounts. I have a 50 gal lesco spray tank and was wondering if i could add a 300 gal tank hooked up to feed the 50 gal into a 350 gal tank. thanks
  2. RigglePLC

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    Sure--HOWEVER--350 gallons of water weighs around 2900 pounds. Not for an S-10. Also, water from the big tank will only flow into the small tank until it is the same level as the big tank. Then you have to pump it.

    If you hook the two tanks together--the small tank will overflow. So eliminate the small tank and you are OK. Of course then you need a 300 foot reel and hose.
  3. Ric

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    I have a similar set up. 50 gallon Lesco skid sprayer and a 300 gallon fresh water tank that feeds the 50 via a boat bilge pump. Get as large a Bilge pump as possible. I use a 1800 GPH or 30 GPM and find it slow. I mix only in the 50 and keep the 300 potable water only. I have it on a flat bed F 250 but the set up could be on a Heavy Duty trailer just as easy. This set up works just like a Cab Over with a drop tank, only it is all on the same level.

    BTW When I put this together, I looked into removing the Rear Gas Tank and mounting a Mix tank for gravity feed from the 300. But the Bilge pump is a lot more economical to set up. This truck is actually a back up unit and doesn't see much use since I have a Cab Over.
  4. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    RIC: have you got any pix of this? Or of the cab over? I'd love to see your setup!
  5. Ric

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    No pictures my camera is broken. You might be surprised at how old all my Junk is. But it has all paid for itself a long time ago. Being Semi retired, I don't want new payments.

    The Cab Over is a used TrueGreen NPR with 149K miles but in great shape. It only gets serviced by the dealer who is told to keep it running great. I use the PTO for the 300 gallon tank and fert 3 to 5 K lawns at 5 gallons per thousand. The 100 gallon tank has it's own Hypro Electic pump and reel and does Ornamental. In the front door I have a weed control 25 gallon 12V skid sprayer that has Mechanical agitation, this was done to keep 4L atrazine mixed. I also have back packs and bag goods in the front door section. I have a Lap Top and printer in the cab and print invoices right on the job.

    The F 250 is a 300, 6 I bought brand new. First set up was a 100 & 50 gallon split tank set one with one pump and reel. Later it had a 200 Northern skid that rusted apart very quickly. And a 50 gallon Lesco skid. Now it has a Different Lesco 50 gallon skid and a 300 gallon fresh water nurse tank on a wood flat bed. The original bed rusted away a long time ago. While the Cab Over is a great truck to work out of, it is a bulk mix set up that I mix on the ground and pump to the truck. The F 250 allows for custom mixing on the job which has it's advantages.

    I also have a Walker mower converted to a spread and spray machine in an enclosed trailer. My 5 wheel Gator is older than most member but has a Lesco 50 gallon skid with a Boomless set up. I also have a small one man bass boat with a 25 gallon aquatic tank.

    I have a lot of equipment sitting in the barn from days gone by. I could put together several more set ups with all of it. Fact is I hauled 3 gasoline Pumps to my Mechanic last week to clean up and get running. I told him after they are running great to drain the gas so they can be stored again. Should I need one of them I know they are in working order. Oh I also have two Hydrocell Pumps as back ups for the Cab Over PTO.

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