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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffv, Aug 26, 2006.

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    I just purchased a 2 wheel sulky make by Havener Enterprises (, this was purchased from a private sale. The problem I'm having is there is way too much play where the arm attaches to the hitch, connecting it to the mower. This is causing me to fight with the mower to try to keep it going straight. I just purchased the hitch from Havener. Prior to the 2 wheel I was using a 1 wheel velky with no problems, trying to eliminate the stripe from the single wheel. Anyone else had this problem. I've tried to call the company but they are closed on the weekends. I am using a Ferris 48" hydro.
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    The SW 2000 is a piece of junk, the arm used to snap of all the time when people were backing up. Poorly made unit!
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    What mower are you using to pull the sulky? From the picture, it looks like the unit will only work in caster mode, that is the entire unit moves with the mower, the wheels swivel as casters.

    I bought a BullRider to use with my Exmark 36" Viking. The BR will work in either a caster mode, or in a trailer mode (pivot on the tow bar, allowing the platform and frame for the wheels to move separately from the mower/tow bar. My mower was too small, too light for the caster mode. I could not control the mower's direction. The sulky "drove" the mower, not the other way. I switched to trailer mode, and it works well. Yes, I would have liked to use it in the caster mode, but the trailer mode works pretty well. Turning does not permit full advantage of the zero-turn feature of the mower.

    Your mower may not be able to handle a caster mode sulky.
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    Your mower may not be able to handle a caster mode sulky.[/QUOTE]

    48" Ferris Hydro, I think you are correct.
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