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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ince8728, Mar 29, 2005.

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    OK so i do landscaping but havent really done walls before. My aunt asked me to do it so i'm doin it for her. Anyway, i'm looking at the techo-bloc installation guide. I understand all of what it says to do except for the foundation, what is a geotextile? And when you install this geotextile does it get covered with crushed stone? From the way i understood it, it sounds like your putting this thing in the ground the covering it with the crushed stone, so what good is it doing in the first place?

    - Matt
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    Go to the landscape forum and ask this ?

    I'm sure you will get alot os great info. Also do a search on that forum for walls.

    Good luck

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    Yes, this thread should get moved to the landscaping forum.

    But to address your question; the term "geotextile" refers to a filter fabric. For instance, a "geotextile sock" is a often placed over a drainage pipe to prevent the pipe from getting clogged with dirt or silt. It looks and functions much like a sock on your foot. It's sort of like a filter to keep things clean.

    See this picture as an example;

    But "geotextile" fabric can be used for other purposes as well. It could come in a long roll (like weed barrier fabric does) and you could place it behind a wall to keep silt or dirt from seeping through the cracks in a wall and to prevent erosion.

    This is what that looks like; Fabric.jpg

    Or it can also look like this;

    Here's a good example of how it would be used behind a retaining wall;

    This is not to be confused with GEOGRID, which is also used behind retaining walls, but is a completely different thing and serves a completely different purpose.
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    What you are doing by installing the wall with geotextile fabris and crushed stone is a process known as re-enforcing.
    I quite simply do not have the time to explain in depth, however, the re-enforcing is meant to correct for alll of the problems associated with lack of drainage.
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    thatks guys, thats all i needed to know. Now i understand the purpose. One more thing, is it really a big deal if you don't put the littlew drainage pipe in if the wall is only double stacked 2 begin with?
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    Geotextile fabric is placed on top of the subsoil and underneath of the base aggregate. This is done in order to prevent the base material from migrating into voids in the subsoil.
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    got it.... Well i learned sometin new, but the wall fell through cuz the customer didn't want 2 pay around 4000 for block..... o-well, back to the traditional edge for this one atleast.

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