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Just bought a Lazer Z HP 23/52 I got it for a steal price of 2500 with only 140 hours on it!!! Guy was in some financial trouble. I wanted to get the striping kit for it and wanted to know if there is a multching kit for it too and where I would find it. Are there any other accessories I need to consider doing to this, this is my first mower, and year in the business.


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After you visit the web site go to the exmark forum on this site and post questions on prices or anything else you want to know. They have a rep on here who I believe you will find very helpful!

Darryl G

That's an awesome deal.

Yes, there is a mulching kit available. I have one for the same machine as well as for my Turf Tracer. The kit works well, but I don't put mine on until the heavy spring growth is past.

If you want to buy accessories, you might want to try an Exmark dealer. The Ultravac collection system is nice and something you might want to consider.

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