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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bdemir, Mar 11, 2000.

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    Just went to the trade show last week and actually saw all of the different mowers that are made and in the market. There are three that i dont know too much about and would like to ask a few questions on. They are walker, gravely, and grasshopper. How are these mowers and what is your oppinion of them. I know about the walkers bagging ability and about the grasshoppers versatitlity. How do they really measure up. Do they really work and does walker really give the best cut and what does gravely have to offer or what is its specialty. the grass hopper has an outfromt deck and so many attatchments its so verstile but it makes me wonder if one machine can do everything good or if its just a selling point.<br>It looks like a great machine but i wonder about parts availability in michigan.<p>bdemir<br>
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    WALKER is by far the best, Walkers give the best cut, It can bag wet grass Grasshoppers are junk yes junk
  3. Best to use one of the old standards like Toro or eXmark. Buy a toro if you want a t-bar, buy a exmark if you want pistol grips.<p>The toro/eXmark ZTR combos can suit any need.<br>If I were interested in new equipment I would<br>take a look at a 72&quot; Laser Z with fuel injection.
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    Grasshoppers are far from being junk. The 600 series models are residential models. The 700 and 900 series models are commercial models. The diesel powered 721D with G2 hydro system is awful hard to beat. There are plenty of 721D models in use that have 3,000 to 4,000 hours on them and still haven't had to be rebuilt. Not my idea of junk machinery.<p>----------<br>Doc Shank<br>
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    in my area gravely is very big, all models except the midmount ztr. the out front deck is hugely popular, probably the most common rider as seen in the area. I hear that the gravely dealer here gives great customer support.<p>exmark is popular but toro is almost unheard of in this area. I suspect that the lack of a popular dealer has hurt them.<p>GEO
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    The only reason I can see to buy an outfront is for trimming capabilities if you need to get under something like pine trees or guard rails, things of that nature.&lt;p&gt; Otherwise, a midmount will be more compact and efficient for areas where turning is an issue. Outfronts are not zero turn. Close, but no cigar.&lt;p&gt; Also, outfronts aren't ideal for ditches, etc. Higher center of gravity, etc, etc. Also, outfronts are on average two feet longer than their midmount counterparts, making them a whopping 8 1/2 feet long at minimum. Outfronts are great for wide open mowing or trim situations, but for fast maneuvering it's hard to beat a midmount ZTR.&lt;p&gt; Productivity is the name of the game. Only you know what you will be happy with. What you are happy with and what are most productive can be two different things. &lt;p&gt;There are places on a property where the ZTR could squeeze easily while the outfront is more difficult to get through, if at all.&lt;p&gt;John
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    I use 2 Grasshoper 725 mowers with 61&quot; decks. I think they do a great job. Unlike other mowers (Walker for example) I can use the same deck to side discharge, mulch, or bag the grass. I couldn't see hauling 2 extra decks around for each mower.
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    geogun- i own the gravely outfront ridere with a 60 inch cut and a 20hp engine. i actually bought a new toro z master last fall to replace it because i have not been happy with it. the gravely clumps the grass even when the grass is a little moist not even wet...when its wet forget it. in the spring with it i would have tow cut lawn 4 times because of the horrible clumping. i no it is the mower because i have always kept the blade very sharp and the bottom of the deck clean. not only was this machine cutting bad but every week there was always something else stupid breaking on it. my toro z master that i know have is incredibble...a diffrence betwween night and day. it cuts great in all weather conditions. (even in puring rain it dosnt clump) i would recomend the z master to anyone. i dont know what it is with the gravely 60inch deck because i have a gravely walk behinf 36 that cuts great. the gravely 36 hasnt been in the shop once in 5 years. this spring i will be selling my gravely rider....not a good machine for productivity!
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    I've owned a 718 and a 720K . I've been runing a Walker 42MT for 18 months.They all are quaity machines. The hopper is a bit long. The walker is better in tight places. I think the hopper is easier to operate.<br><p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale
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    I have had a grasshopper 720,52&quot;25hp and still have a gravley ztr.The grasshopper was great for hills and you could just about drive down any thing and back right out..THAT was great but it was just soo big it was somewhat hard to manuever,it cut pretty good,although it was heavy (1200 lbs)So it did track a few yards....Now I use a dixie chopper and I love it to death..It will flat out fly and cut through anything I want it to..Its a flatlander 60&quot; 25hp kohler.<br>So far it has been great and I wouldnt trade it for anything but a larger one....<p>

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