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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by exmarkking, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. exmarkking

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    That it is!! It was fine when I only had 15-20 accounts, I could keep it all in my head but double or triple that and it's humanly impossible without going crazy.
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    I've read the e-myth book and it actually doesn't give you systems to put in place it just says to put systems in place, I agree you need systems, but WHAT systems? There in lies the problem for most growing companies, one thing is NEVER give a quote on the spot, you need time, at least I do, to think before handing out a price, obviously this is for landscaping projects, a simple mowing account should be able to quote on the spot.
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    Sounds like you need quickbooks online and an iPhone or iPad with Internet access. I can meet with a client right up an estimate and email it all from my phone. If they want a paper copy I can make one on carbon copy paper and just enter it later into quickbooks. I have thought about a wireless printer and using my iPhone as a hot spot and print it in the truck just haven't had enough time to set it up.

    You can also enter services preformed and just keep the invoice going for the month if you preform additional services.

    Calvin .
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  4. cpllawncare

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    we use QB's online, it can be accessed from any smartphone, no need for a overpriced iPhone.

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