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Question about buying wider wheels

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lotsagrass, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. lotsagrass

    lotsagrass LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 783

    What's the general rule for buying aftermarket or even OEM wheels, but wider than the originally installed wheels? I have a 2008 eXmark Lazer Z AS with 52" deck. It came with 23 x 9.5x12 tires. I noticed the same mower from the factory comes with 24 x 12.00x12 tires. Is it safe to assume that you could buy those larger (wider) rims and tires and this would fit with no problem on my LAS28KA524 model? I would assume so since the mowers are pretty much identical with a few exceptions. My concern is making sure that a new wider rim/tire combo does not interfere with the deck, hydro hoses frame or anything else. I can see there's plenty of extra room for wider rims and tires by visually inspecting the area around the existing 23 x 9.5x12 tires.

    Here's an example of a guy selling aftermarket rims but he's specifically mentioning it's for models with a 60" or larger deck. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-CUSTOM-WHEE...emQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item1c07b7da70

    My guess is that these would fit fine on my mower, but I want to make sure. I'm not buying these but I'm interested in the whole idea of wider wheels/tires in general and I need some input on what to look for and how to know they'll fit. I 'could' go to the dealer and buy the larger wheels from them but of course that's going to be more expensive.

  2. lotsagrass

    lotsagrass LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 783

    Meant to say, same mower but with bigger deck comes with the larger tires/wheels...so that's why I'm thinking the wider wheels would be fine but I'd like to get some input from someone that has done this.
  3. Cleve

    Cleve LawnSite Senior Member
    Male, from Rockmart, GA
    Messages: 404

    I had the same problem recently. At least I had a similar problem. My Bush Hog ES2044 with a 44" deck came with 22 X 7.50-12 tires. The same mower with a 54" deck comes with 22 X 9.50-12 tires. At least I found that hey use the same wheel with both sizes. I just ordered a set of tires from my local tire dealer and had him install them on the original wheels. Looks great and fits fine.
    I tried my best to find a set of wheels so I would have a set of spares but seems these wheels are factory items. I did see a few from custom golf cart sites but had no way to make sure they were exact dimensions (backspace, offset, etc.).
    Even though you are going up 2 1/2" and I went up 2", I would assume the same wheel was used on both.
  4. lotsagrass

    lotsagrass LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 783

    If I were going up just a little in width I'd use the same wheel, but I would rather have the wider wheel too if I can. I have the parts manual for my model and it shows different part numbers for the wheels depending on what size tires it had on it from the factory. So to me it looks like they're definitely different width of wheels. I'll check with some places that sell aftermarket mower tires too since they may have dealt with this. I'm trying to avoid buying the wider factory wheels if I can because they'd probably cost more....but I may have to resort to that. I need to be sure the wheel will not interfere with anything though. So far to me it looks like it would be fine since they're using the wider wheel on the same mower that has a larger deck.
  5. lotsagrass

    lotsagrass LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 783

    I called a dealer and asked about the difference in the factory wheels since it looks like to me the wider wheels exmark sells for a similar machine will work on mine. He said they would. Price is about $88 per wheel, without tire. I think I might just bite the bullet and by two of these next spring...and look for some wider tire options. I'm leaning on going back to a turfmaster tire, but still prefer something a little more aggressive...but not as aggressive as the lug style tires. So probably, about $350 for a complete set of new rear wheels and tires.

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