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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. puppypaws

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    I was at my dealer this morning and he sells several different brands of zero turn mowers and there just happened to be a Cub Tank sitting beside a Hustler. I had never looked at a Tank so I started looking it over, comparing it to the Hustler it looked like there was just to many things cluttering it up. It seemed as though it had a lot of different things that was not necessary or they just stood out a lot more, the Hustler looked naked in comparison. I use to own a Bobcat and it was a wonderful mower but I was even noticing it looked a lot more cluttered than the Hustler. How do mowers in general compare with being neatly designed without a lot of extra looking clutter you notice everywhere. What would you consider to be the most simple and uncluttered design on a zero turn mower?
  2. mike plummer

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    tell u what THE CLUB IS1 of the tuff mowers i have ever had got 5000 hours on mine runs like new
  3. puppypaws

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    Is it the same engine and if so what kind, that is a lot of hrs. What have you done to the mower as far as repairs?
  4. dave k

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    Hi PuppyPaws
    I noticed the same exact thing when my wife and I were looking at the Lazers and Super Z's this past spring, to me the Lazer had alot of stuff, same with the Scag, but the Hustler was so clean and simple, I like simple.
    Still deciding on which Z to get this spring to replace my Walker, all the big guys here in Atlanta use Z's and the lawns look great, mainly commercial and such, decisions, decisions, my heart says hustler or Scag, but my head says Lazer, know what I mean?
    Dave K
  5. puppypaws

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    Yep, that is what it looked like to me according to every mower I have looked at Hustler does not look like it has enough stuff to even operate compared to all the do lolly's on the other mowers. I talked with a lady that has been in the commercial business for 27 yrs. and she runs Hustler but told me she had a Scag that was 15 yrs. old and still going strong. She said she loved the Scags but there was to much money difference between it and the Hustler if not she would be running Scag. The dealer here had the Scag dealership taken away from him because he was not selling enough mowers, he is a big farm equipment dealer and sells Grasshopper and Kubota. The Scag must be priced a little high I don't know.

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