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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iluvbermuda, Dec 30, 2004.

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    A little quick info. first. I am a part-timer. Solo. I have a full-time job and do lawns on the side. I have in the past had about 12 regulars and have cut it down to 4 regulars that I can get done in one evening when I get off my regular job. All but one pays me by the cutting. The one that does not, options to pay me monthly. They have Bermuda and needless to say after it cools, they really have no grass growth. They have always paid me year round, and I always go once a week. It equals out in my opinion because I don't charge any extra for the leaf clean up and the beds to cleaned of leaves. I just keep cleaning every week and I am pretty much done by the time spring comes around for grass to begin greening up. The reason for such long leaf clean up time is their leaves along with the neighbors leaves continue to fall due to variety of trees and lack of neighbors cleaning. I mostly don't see them except around the first of the month when they pay me. He calls today and says he has not seen me in December and contracted out for the leaves to be removed by another person. And he will see me in the spring when mowing resumes. I called and made it clear that I had been coming and doing as usual. He said o.k., but I somehow don't think he believed me. My biggest problem, is I just don't think he believes me. Opinions.
  2. iluvbermuda

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    I also forgot to mention. They are in theor 70's and are not home due to they have a grown son terminally ill. Spend most of their time with him. I don't imnd losing their prop til spring, but just don't think they think I have been coming.
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    Your between a rock and a hard place....wait it out.
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    Sounds like he is purposely moving you on. If he doesn't believe you, just make sure you have all your money and don't expect much in the Spring.
  5. battags

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    I've had similar situations myself. I finally decided that you just have to be open and honest with the customer, explaining the work you have done. It sounds like you have already done this in your case. You just have to accept that you can do everything right and still loose a customer. Don't dwell on this fact, just accept it and continue to do the job to the best of your ability and keep that open line of communication with the customer.

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    I agree with Brian and would like to add that basically you can't please everybody they have a lot going on with there son right now also.

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