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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigal, Apr 12, 2006.

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    i bought a hustler mini z back in october of 05. had run it for 5 hours and the spring that keeps the pulley tight on the drive belt just came off... nothing there to knock it off, just fell off. so i called the dealer, they said just bring it down and we will fix it.but of course, no mention of, "we will come and get it, or anything like that. i had to get it on the trailer, by myself and get it there. so of course they fixed it with a brake wrench and that was that. so yesterday, i am mowing a yard and as i turn the levers go dead. nothing. i get off thinking its that spring again, but no, its tight, the drive belt is laying on the ground behind the mower. so i leave it there overnight at the customers house, which was embarrassing by itself, but anyways, i call the dealer the next day and tell them about it and they say, "bring it down here and we can look at it. i asked them, cant you go get it, and they tell me, no we have to run the store. every time i have been there at their store, both owners have been there. then there are two guys that work in the back. how many people do you need to run the store. i could hear it in this guys voice... i dont want to go pick that mower i understand that i am not a huge lco that comes in and buys thousands of dollars worth of equipment every year, but am i wrong to think they should have come and picked up the mower and brought it there and fixed it???? but they didnt, i had to go get it tonight and deliver it there to their shop and of course pick it up when its done. because of these two trips, i will have driven 120 miles for a mower that only has 14.7 hours on it. doesnt seem fair to me..
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    Pickup and delivery is almost never covered in warrantys for mowing equipment. Transportation of the machine to and from the dealer is the customer's responsability. You will run into this same situation with most larger types of equipment also, like farm equipment, skidsteers, and construction equipment.
    Now, it would have been a nice, if your dealer had at least offered to come get the machine, maybe at a reduced transport fee, since it is under warranty. Equipment manufacturers can not afford to eat the transport costs, and neither can the dealers, so the buyer just has to be prepared to haul it to the shop if it needs work.
    Some dealers offer this service free, and are to be commended for that. However, you will not find very many that will do it free.
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    Esp not at $2.70/gallon. Giving away something like pickup and delivery and not getting reimbursed when gas prices are the way they are can eliminate the profit on a small machine pretty quickly.

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