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Question About Diesels?


LawnSite Silver Member
Bolivar, MO
I'm purchasing a new diesel powered Gravely, and would like to ask those of you with experience running small diesel engines about which oil to use when it comes time to service the machine. I've used full synthetic exclusively in my gas burners, but am wondering if this additional expense would be for no good reason in a diesel, as the engine life in them is so much greater anyway. Would something like Rotella be just as good?

Also, how many hours between oil changes? Thanks. Neill


LawnSite Senior Member
I run a 10-30 diesel oil, they make oil special for dirsel engines that you should use. I was told not to use a synthetic oil in a new diesel engine, i cant remember the reason behind it. I change oil every 100 hours, same as my gas mowers, you could probably run longer, but i figure it is cheap maintence, and besides i'm saving money in fuel considering i'm using 60% less than my gas mowers. I'm running a 22 hp Kubota diesel in a Grasshopper mower. I no nothing about Rotella oil sorry, i buy mine from my fuel guy, i think its phillips 76 Oil...i've never had any problems