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    I recently had a distribution rep give me a one on one class. We focused on the technical side of things. We spent a good bit of time on figuring voltage drop, do's and dont's, correct install procedures, etc. There are a few things that I forgot to ask until he left.

    I had a question about drive-ways and sidewalks. How exactly do you cross sidewalks and driveways?

    If you install the transformer in the garage, what is the best way to safely get everything outside. We talked about boring/drilling through an exterior wall, is that correct? If so, what's the safest way to do this and what do you seal it with? (Caulk, expanding foam, etc)?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Chris J

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    If you plan to provide maintenence contracts, it will be in your best interest to install the transfromer on the outside of the home. Find an electrical contractor who will do this for you as side work (lots of ECs like this kind of stuff because they can make $100 in 15 minutes). If the TF is on the outside of the home, the homeowner does not have to be there for you to do maintenence on the system. This will make sense when you are old.
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    As your standing in a vertical position walking up the drive or walkway, make an immediate 90 degree turn and start walking in that direction. Once you reach the end of the concrete, you have successfully crossed the sidewalk or driveway. :hammerhead:
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    Just Kiddin FireScooby, Here's how I do it:
    Water Jet: 3/4" PVC pipe hooked up to a water hose. Dig a 8" x 5' pit on one side of the driveway, and a 12" x12" box on the other side. Line your pipe up perfectly level, and go for it. As long as you don't have clay, you will be fine.

    Jack and Bore: Find some guy who does this for a living.
    If I have to go under pavers, or if the jet is over 20', I'll call my bore guy. He charges $8 per foot, and he goes about 2' deep. Well worth the money in all cases. If you have trouble finding one of these guys, contact your local cable company. (TV)
    Hope I was of some assistance?

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    Thanks for the tips. It did help.

    I wanna gather all the training and information before I start this endeavor. Unfortunately, there is not alot of opportunities for education in this area here on the east coast.
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    I use an easy sleeve to put 1" conduit under sidewalks no wider than 5'. Boring is the only way to go under driveways.
  7. Pro-Scapes

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    you wouldnt be water jetting 20 ft here thats for sure. Sometimes 4 or 5 ft is difficult... coastal areas like Chris has is pretty easy to get further.

    We have a 6 ft long drill bit we sometimes pass under a walkway. Its flexible and you can get em at lowes or home depot. Water jets are a mess but they do work.

    If its a newer home ask if the plans are avalible and see if you can find a conduit. Often times if you can locate irrigation there is an open conduit next to it.
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    Agree with the boring on drives. Water jetting washes out too much dirt. We will often cut the concrete on the expansion cut (only about a 1/2 wide) and then patch it with concrete, caulking etc depending on the situation. Can only tell you were there if really looking for it.
  9. Chris J

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    I wouldn't recommend you guys do any water jets if you have rocky, clay or other hard type soil. I can get away with it because of my soft, sandy conditions with hardly any wash out at all. Definitely never under pavers though.

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks, can anyone recommend any books or anything else for education in this field?

    I'm wanting to do this the right way and do it right. It's a VERY open business here. I want to build a good reputation.


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