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question about dropping customer


LawnSite Member
Newport News, VA
i have a two customers that i think i need to get rid of...

they are both bi-weekly, but one is much bigger than the other...
but they both get way to overgrown for just two weeks...both of them say that they put down Scotts Bonus-S so i'm sure thats why they are growing so fast...the bigger one is nowhere even close to any of my other properties so i really think i need to drop it...the other is right in the middle of all my others but is becoming a real PITA...i charge my normal $10/wk extra for bi-weekly but i still feel like i'm losing money because it's taking me so long to cut it...

does anyone have tips for convincing the second one to go weekly....

how about how to cancel the bigger one...

again...thanks for all your help ya'll


LawnSite Silver Member
Tell them you are no longer able to service them on a bi-weekly basis. It is tying up your resources for your weekly customers. That or raise their prices to compensate.


LawnSite Member
SE, Michigan
Explain to them that the growth is too much for every other week. Tell them you need to go weekly. If they don't agree just say you will cut it 1 or 2 more times until they find someone else. Be polite, but move on. The fact that you are thinking this way, they probably should have been dropped already.
As far as the other one, try and sell it or trade jobs with someone who cuts in the area. Your gonna drop it anyway. See if someone wants to take it over.