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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by TScapes, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Was wondering what some of you more experienced pond and waterfall guys do when it comes to drainage issues and dry creek beds. A friend of mine has a property that they have run-off issues with and was wanting to put in a dry creek bed to help direct the runoff. I have a little experience with drainage solutions, but never put in a dry creek bed.
    I can get a grasp of what to do; cut a curved "V" in the area I want the bed to go, tamp it down, and then lay out the rocks. Should I put a liner down first or just lay cloth or none of the above? By the way, this will run @ 70 feet by about 4'.
    Also... how far will one pallet of rock (lets say river rock 12") go? I have heard 80 linear feet. Does that sound right? What if you use flagstone? This person has a flagstone house and all of their beds utilize the same stone. So, naturally they would like to have what ever is laid to be the same. To me it seems as though using river rock would be best. Especially with some larger ones scattered randomly throughout.
    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.....
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    I never have put one in but getting ready to in a couple of weeks. Talked to a friend that has and got some info. Do put down landscape fabric first, after the ditch has been dug. I'm going to use 2 differant sized rocks. First randomly place larger rocks. About 6-8 inches in dia. Then fill in with a layer of smaller rocks, pebbels. About 2 inches dia. I'm using 2 differant colors also.

    This thread has some ideas too.
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    I put one in my yard and it has been working great. I first cut out my path then lined with landscape fabric. I placed a few 2-300lb boulders then 4-6" river rock and then filled in with drain rock 2-3". No weeds and great drainage.
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    any pictures?

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