question about dump trucks, I need some opinions!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Swampbeast, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. Swampbeast

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    I need a dump truck. I want a big one. With either a CAT, Cummins, or Detroit diesel in it. Preferably a 95 or newer. At least a 15 foot dump bed.
    My question: which one to get? I dont know very much about trucks, so be specific please! :D
  2. Gravel Rat

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    What horse power range are you looking at and are you going tobe pulling a Pony trailer behind the truck or equipment trailer.

    For engines you can get a 3306 (300hp) 3406 (425hp) Cat M-11 Cummins (300hp) N-14 400 hp Cummins or Series 60 Detroit (300-450) hp.

    If I was going to look for a dump truck in the year range your looking at it would be with these specs

    T-800 Kenworth 3406 Cat power 18spd 18,000lb front axle 46,000 pound rear axles on Hendrickson extended leaf suspension Dayton wheels with 12R-24.5 rubber on the rear 465 Floats on the front and a 16'6" Nahanni box.

    I like Kenworth trucks myself these other KW models make good dumps also T-450, W-900 and C-500 there are some T-600s made into dumps. The T-450 is a good truck but they only come with 300 hp engines and 8LL transmissions but otherwise a real good truck the T-800 is the most common dump truck chassis the C-500 510 are even heavier probably overkill for you use.

    Other truck options besides Kenworth are Sterling LT9500, Mack RD series, Western Star 4900 series, International 2600 and 5000 series. These trucks listed are all good dump truck candidates I would look at Sterlings they would be my second choice if I couldn't buy a Kenworth.
  3. Swampbeast

    Swampbeast LawnSite Senior Member
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    Gravel Rat, thank you! Very much appreciated.
    I like the CAT 425 HP engine, I always want the most powerful engine I can find. I know there are more powerful ones out there, but I like CAT.
    Kenworth you say? Okay. Maybe I should tell you what this is gonna be used for. I do lots of Garden work, mulching and such, on yards that these people pay me around $500,000-$1,000,000 for them. Needless to say, most of this money is spent on delivery fees, having everything from dirt to rocks to plants delivered. I already have a Peterbilt semi rig with a trailer that I use for rocks and plants, now I just need something to haul dirt and mulch with.
    Also, another thing I do, is haul trash away. Usually we just get 4 of our F-350s and do little loads. I figure I can just toss it all into a dump truck and do one BIG load.
    I know these arent very heavy duty applications, but I still want the toughest and most powerful one I can find.
    Thank you very much for your advice. I will bear that in mind while looking for a new truck.
    Trailer? I dont know, might, probably not.
    Thanks again! :cool: :)
  4. hosejockey2002

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    I would consider also the builder of the dump truck, aside from the truck brand. I drove a Kenworth for a while that was a former fuel truck converted to a dump. It was a good driving truck on the highway, but the low speed gearing was a little tall, and the hydraulics were very prone to overheating because of poor system design. I also drove an old Western Star with an 8V92 Detroit. It could be a miserable pig to drive on the road, but it was built by Truckweld as a dump truck. It had 2 speed rearends, and the hydraulic controls were much more user friendly. In other words, even though it was a PITA to drive on the road, on the construction site it was a great truck.

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