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    I have been searching but have found no good info.

    I am working for a friend who is helping me license in Turf so that I can spray my Commercial/HOA's with out subbing it out anymore. Problem is, he is used to to using that crappy wettable powder stuff that doesn't seem to work around here. I am trying to find a good mix of chemical to use for fert and weed control.

    I have a 300 gallon tank but only fill to 200 gallons. I have the psi set at 60 and a blue nozzle (1.5) on the lesco gun. I am covering 1000sq. ft. with one gallon. We dumped 3 2.5 gal jugs of Ferromec AC and one 2.5 gallon jug of Trimec 992. So far I have noticed that the Trimec is doing a grea job at that rate. However, the Ferromec is not doing so well. It is greening the grass up and it does look good but it is not that DARK green like people say.

    Question is, Do I need to add another jug to the mix or will it take a few apps to achieve this dark dark green?
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    That comes out to 4.8 oz per 1000 sq ft. Plenty enough to green up cool season grasses. 1 gallon per 1000 through a Chemlawn gun with the sprinkler nozzle is not the same as through a single nozzle fan or spray boom applying the same volume. Ferromec is a foliar fertilizer that needs to coat the grass very evenly in order to give the best results. If it is beading up, a non burning surfactant is a good idea. Depending on the iron and manganese status of the existing grass, an application of Ferromec might not get the grass much greener than it already is. Some grass varieties are simply resistant to being greened up with iron as well. I do know that bent grass and KBG is especially responsive.
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    Remember that iron partly acts by staining the grass black giving you a blackish-green color. The stain works especially well on dead leaves and dead grass blades. I suggest try it on a small area of your own yard first. And please let us know what happens.

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