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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by firstchoice1, Jan 3, 2010.

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    I got some prices from a possible new supplier for my fertilizer and when I go to meet him I want to know what the compositions that he sent me do for the grass. Any help would be appreciated.


    1) 32-3-8 25%

    2) 25-5-11 50%scu

    3) 28-3-10 50% uflexx

    4) 15-0-5 .29 barricade

    5) 13-0-2 .10 Dimen

    6)19-0-6 .10 Dimen 40%scu
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    In Ohio you probably do not need the middle number--you know what that ingredient is--right? 50 percent SCU is better (SCU costs about double the cost of regular nitrogen, but it lasts longer). Cheaper fert will have more dust, more broken SCU pellets, more lumps. Some companies stop production when humidity is too high--some don't. Some companies clean their equipment between batches--some don't.
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    yea I know they're nitrogen, phosphorus, and potasium. Wasn't sure what scu, dimen, uflexx, barricade meant. Also wasn't sure what the .10/.29 at the end was.
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    You MUST have a pesticide license to use Dim and Barricade.

    This will be fun to watch!
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    dimension/barricade are both preemergence for mostly grassy type weeds the .10 and .29 are how much of that products are in the bag. scu is a type of slow release fertilizer it stands for sulfur coated urea uflex is another type of slow release fertilizer they call it stabilized fertilizer. I would suggest using the search button on top search each one of these you will learn a lot you could read for days i see you work around Hillard Ohio you have a advance turf right there give them a call they can help you to good luck
    remember calibrate calibrate and read the label always
    Charles Cue
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    Thanks Charles, I will definitely read more into the forums as there's a lot I still need to learn.

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