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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by ProLandscapes, Oct 26, 2001.

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    My credit isn't very good at all and I was wondering if exmark has a program that would benefit me. I am looking to buy a 60" Lazer and 36" walkbehind hydro. I have a downpayment of $6,000.00. Can you tell me what the best mowers models are also? Also, can you tell me about your 21" walkbehinds? I have honda right now and I love them, do the exmark 21's drive themselves? I plan to build a long lasting relationship with exmark since running other commercial mowers that couldn't handle the work.

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    Dear Josh:

    Getting financing with questionable credit is difficult but not necessarily impossible. Have you investigated any local financing options, like the banks in your area? Have you gone through the paperwork to see if you qualified through any of our financing partners, like Sheffield or Advance Acceptance?

    With a $6000 down-payment, I would think that someone would give you some kind of financing. While we don't have any special programs for people like yourself, you may want to give one of our financing partners a call, and they can help you out with the specifics. Sheffield's number is 800-438-8892, and Advance's number is 800-288-5088. Give them a call and see what they say. My guess is that they will suggest that you get into your local Exmark dealership and fill out a credit application (if you haven't already done that). They'll work with you from there.

    You asked what models are the best, and I would have to say that all of our mowers are the best!!! If you are looking at a 60" Lazer, I would go with either the 25-hp Kohler or the Liquid-Cooled 27-hp Kawasaki. Both offer good performance at a relatively reasonable price. If you aren't going to do a lot of mulching or bagging, you could even go with the 23-hp Kawasaki.

    For a 36" hydro, you have two options - a 15-hp (Kaw.), fixed-deck Viking Hydro or a 15-hp (Kaw.), floating deck Turf Tracer HP. Your main decision is if you want the ECS controls OR the old pistol grips or if you prefer a fixed OR floating deck. Next year, we will offer the ECS controls on the Viking Hydro, and we will have a 32" fixed-deck hydro. This is just food for thought. If you're going to change the cutting height frequently, I would go with the Turf Tracer HP with the ECS controls, because I like the ECS setup.

    Finally, we do have three 21" walk-behind models - a push 21", a self-propelled 21", and a self-propelled 21" with a Blade Brake Clutch (BBC). They are a very durable unit as a whole. All units come with a 5.5-hp Kawasaki engine. Before you buy a Metro 21, I would check one out at your local Exmark dealership. See what you think. If you like the Honda better, I would continue to use the Honda; however, if you like the durability of the Exmark, I would use the Exmark. If you have any other questions, you can e-mail me at

    Hope this helps,

    Exmark Customer Care
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    I would recommend getting a copy of your credit report. I don't know the Phone # off hand but you can check with your local bank. That way you can see what has been reported. you are allowed to insert comments into your credit report if there were an unusual situation or disputes that caused any problems.

    Also, if there are any minor bills that are running behind, get them paid.

    For more major items, contact the lender. sometimes they will agree to post your credit as current if you address the situation and make arrangements to bring your account current, even if it takes several months.

    You will get the best results if you take the initiative to address any negatives

    Good Luck

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