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question about flower planting...


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dont know if this is a dumb question or not. But when planting flowers do you charge labor by the hour, or would you charge by the tray? if you charge by the tray wut would be a good rate like $15-$25.00 / tray of flowers. and would this apply to planting small shrubs unders the bucket size of 5gallons. Would appeciate getting some insight on this.


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some people have the pricing already in the flowers when planting, I personally do it differently. I charge a labor fee, and I also charge the material fee. The reason that I do this is in case I run across something buried that might take me longer


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zone 7 CA
You want to double the price you pay for the plant
material and then charge a labor charge too.Depends on the planting conditions,if you need to ammend the soil(I always do)and the area and amount of material you are planting

Az Gardener

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Phoenix, Az
I charge T & M for the bed prep then a flat rate per flat of flowers. 6-pac flats 42.00 4" flats 36.00 specialty varieties more. I amend with compost, peat to lower Ph., alfafa pellets (for the enzymes), bone meal and osmicote slow release fertilizer.