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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eho, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Eho

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    Hey guys, I have a freind at the University of Texas who is majoring in advertising design. He designed me a great looking logo, and great looking flyer. I m really excited about this new, professional looking logo, and I want to make up a lot of flyers. How much do you guys think a print shop would charge per copy( i want them in color) for these flyers. Let me know what you guys think
  2. MOW ED

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    I don't know what the flyer looks like or how many colors it is but I personally know that the more colors the bigger the cost per page. If you can get away with one color for the mass advertising it would be easier on your pocket but I do understand the impact of a well designed color flyer.
    Around here it is something like a doller a page for color printing. The more printed the lower the price but it still is big bucks. I have decent results by using colored paper and black ink for the masss advertising. Sounds like you have a good design so mayby you can make up packages for response to inquiries. Like a professional folder with to give to potential customers on estimate day. Good Luck. Call around to some of your print shops.
  3. Aleman

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  4. justgeorge

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    I just used, 34 cents per page for 500-1000. Drops down to 31 cents over 1000. I gave them the Word document around 1 pm and by 5 pm had the UPS tracking number for my FREE next day delivery shipment. Yes, overnight delivery is included in the price. Plus they claim if you get them the order by noon Pacific time it will ship out that day.

    If you want to mail out postcards you can send them an address file and they'll print them and mail them for you at a great price.
  5. LB1234

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    I went to a local print shop. 2000 full page (8.5x11), one-sided, color copies. Paper was colored and thicker than 'normal' printed paper. Had three photos in my flyers, along with three colored boxes w/writing, and green & black ink . All told I paid $0.35 per copy. Could've gotten them down to $0.30 for something like 5,000 copies. In addition, for an additional $122 (in my case $0.06 per copy) they folded all 2000 copies and printed, in color, my company's return address. They also would have printed the bulk mailing stamp but I chose NOT to go that route. Went there on a Wednesday, viewed proof next Monday, had all 200 copies by Wednesday evening.

    All told I wound up paying $0.41 per copy for 2000 copies.
  6. Aleman

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    I think you guys are paying way too much at over .30 a copy. The link I posted above is around .11 a copy. 4/0 color with 100# gloss paper. :D
  7. justgeorge

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    Those are some great prices, I'll check them out closer next time.

  8. Eddie B

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    Staples gave me a quote of $360 for 5,000 copies. (single sided, black ink and bright green paper). I'll be using my laser printer because it simply costs less.
  9. Eho

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    I went to the local Kinkos and made 300 copies for i think 10 cents a copy. These were just black and white copies on gold paper. The color copies would have been like .89 a copy! Black and white on the gold still looked good especially with the logo my frined designed
  10. packerbacker

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    I got a buddy of mine who owns a UPS store and he is getting me some 8X11 glossy postcards in March w/color & postage and also addresess on them for .50 a copy. Im doing 5000 in March and 5000 in April, all to the same houses.

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