question about gvw and cat engine ??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by P.Services, Jan 30, 2008.

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    1)a dealer is selling a ford f-550, he says the gvw is 13,500 is that right? i thought the gvw on a 550 was 19500, 450 17500,and 350 13500. whats going on???

    2) is a 3126b cat the same as a c7? im looking at a f650 that has the 3126b paired to a auto is that a good powertrain? the cat is better for pulling then the cummins right?
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    truck range depending on many things such as 4x4, wheel base, engine tranny etc. my f550 is a 17.5K GVW. my new f350 is 11K, and my old F350 is 9900 GVW. to the best of my knowledge, that is very low for an F550. all you need to do is open the door, its on the tag.
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    3126 is the same as a C7
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    An f550 should be 17500-19500# gvw. A 350 with 550 badges might be rated at 13500#. I'd check on the door.
  5. P.Services

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    the dealer checked the door for me and said it was 13.5k the vin reads it as a f550 so i know its not a f350 someone put f550 badges on. it is a 2002, 4x4, 7.3, 162'' wb, extended cab. i have seen 4x4 crew cabs with a 19.5 gvw so i dont understand why this one is so low??? so this means i can haul 13.5 minus the weight of the truck?? i would guess the truck ways 9,000lbs so i can only haul 4,500lbs legall??
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  7. P.Services

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  8. Marek

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    The 550 looks clean but you really need to see it in person. I have several 02s look for the oil pan rust , did the truck plow or salt? When was the trans replaced? Which fuel tank does it have , is it behind the rear axle, if so does the tank have any delamination? If the truck needs all of these things walkk away or buy the best extended warranty you can get and make sure it covers all of these iteams and labor.
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    I have a feeling this F-550 has had some front end damage or body damage. I don't think the newer style turn signals were on 2002 trucks. The paint looks too new for being the age of the truck.
  10. P.Services

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    i thought those are the old style?

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