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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rowdies, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Rowdies

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    I currently own a Hustler X1i 60" which weighs 1075 according to the specs sheet. I am looking to sell it and go with either a 60" Scag TT/Cheetah, or a Supez Z HD. I need more power and I love the Vangaurd 35hp and/or 37hp EFI which I have already demoed on a Bad Boy Outlaw XP.

    My question is for those of you who own one of these, or another mower in the 1,500-1,800 lb range... how do these heavy mowers do on the residential accounts? My current mower leaves some ruts on my own yard. Due to the fact that in certain places, there's no way to alter the mowing pattern. But the ruts are not THAT least with a 1,000 lb mower.

    I have mostly residential accounts. Some small, some large. But there is a church near by that I might be mowing soon. The mowing there is flat and approx. 4 acres. The speed and power of a SuperZ HD would GREATLY help with this account. The power would also help with some of the residential accounts I have now, where I'm having to double cut in some places, mainly in the summer time due to the morning dew/rain/thickness of the St. Augustine grass. I feel that the 23.5hp FX730v on my X1i is slightly under powered for the 60" deck on these properties.

    Let me know, from those with experience of mowing residential with these heavier mowers, your experiences with this.

    Thanks in advance from TAMPA!!!!
  2. weeze

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    the cheetah is only about 1300-1400lbs. it is fine for mowing residential lawns. you gotta know how to mow though. you can't run over the yard the exact same way for years and years. any ztr will make ruts if you do that. change up your patterns every now and then and it will be fine.

    ...and yes a 23.5hp engine is way underpowered for a 60" deck. you need around 27hp or more on a 60" deck.

    i have a 23.5hp on a 54" deck and it's still underpowerd some. it might be ok on a 48" deck.
  3. gcbailey

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    If you change your mowing pattern frequently, like you should, then rutting shouldn't be a problem unless you are mowing swampy lawns. I believe our 60" X-series are a little heavier and never had any issues using them properly.
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  4. That Guy Gary

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    How big are the lots? Are you solo?

    There's so many variables that can influence the choice of mower beyond whether or not it's residential.

    If your biggest concern is that you can't change your pattern regularly on a property than yes, the mower is probably to big.

    Most of our residentials are handled by mowers with 30-48" decks but there are a few large ones that 60"+ is a big help. Even on those the higher traffic, busier areas are cut with a smaller machine.
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  5. Rowdies

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    Thanks WEEZE. I think I read that you own, or owned, a Cheetah (I stalked before signing up here :) ) The Cheetah that I'm looking at now has the 31hp FX921v. If I used that on the church property, I'm wondering if It would be noticeably slower.

    Would the power of the 31hp motor be under more load for the Bahia grass at this property (which gets wet and THICK THICK THCIK in the summer time - I mow during the rain due to my packed schedule) ? I know the top speed of both the Cheetah and the Super Z HD is the same, but would I be missing that extra 4 hp? Or 6 hp compared to the 37hp EFI of the Vanguard?
  6. Rowdies

    Rowdies LawnSite Member
    from Tampa
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    I am solo and this is a part time second job for me. Thus, I'm doing EVERYTHING, so every minute shaved off means much more energy for do another yard.

    My yards are from postage stamp size (which I can do with my 36" stander if need be...but my current 60" Xi1 is not too big for these yards...especially due to the fact that I've got 3 next to each other and about to get some more next to these 3), to about 1 Acre. On the 1 Acre yards the 60 inches helps cut down time tremendously!
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  7. That Guy Gary

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    We have a 72" Lazer Z with a mulch kit and an ECV980, it's a beast. Can't say more power is a bad idea.
  8. weeze

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    the 31hp engine is a beast but it will drink lots of fuel too. the 37hp efi is also a beast.

    i have the 29hp kohler efi on my 61" cheetah and it's fine most of the time. it does struggle in thick stuff sometimes but it's not a big deal. just slow down a little.

    if you mow when it's wet the super z may clump a little more than the scag cheetah would.

    as for speed don't worry about that. you can't mow that fast anyways. i never even take my cheetah out of low gear. i can't even mow at full sticks in low gear so high gear is useless for anything other than transport.

    just try to demo both and get the one you like best. :D
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  9. Rowdies

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    from Tampa
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    Anyone else????
  10. bluetruck

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    if you dont know what you are doing, you can rut up a yard with a 21" push mower( i see it all the time, home owners never moving out of the same track for years and years.

    on the other hand, if you know what you are doing, a 1500 pound mower will not leave more of a mark than a push mower, you need to know when it is too wet, and if the specific lawn stays soggy or not.

    if you can move out of the same track by a 1/2 wheel width every other week, that is all it takes to prevent ruts, IF you dont mow when it is terribly wet, soggy ground. personally, we use scags (so a little biased), but i would highly recommend anything with a V+ deck. go as big as you can but still physically can fit through gates/between houses, and get a cheap used 36" walk behind for muddy or really little lots. it will save you from time to time.
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