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Question about hourly rate


LawnSite Member
For the most part I have always worked alone. However last week I hired two men to help me. I charge $35.00 per hour when I work alone.

We cleaned up leaves at my first account and worked on it for 2 hours. The two men worked just as hard as I did.

My question is should I bill for 6 man hours (3 men @ 2 hours = 6 man hours).
Or should I bill for 2 hours for my part and add to that what I pay my two employees for those 2 hours.

Any thoughts? Thanks



LawnSite Senior Member
boise idaho
Definitely bill for 6 hours @ $35 = $210 otherwise whats the point in having employees. They were on the clock on the way to and from the property, you have to pay Workman's comp pay for the equipment they were using fuel ect. ect. ect. Don' cut yourself short, if you only charge $70 you probably just lost money if you are running a legit business. Just my .02


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Clinton, NJ
That's a no brainer...6 man hours times your hourly rate.


LawnSite Member
No doubt, 6 man hours. Like others said don't sell yourself short, because if you do you may sell yourself out of business. The price of equip., gas, supplies, TIME, etc. is to high not to charge accordingly. Josh